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Best top 5 Forex API Provider in 2020

In Forex and other financing instruments trading, forex API enables a user’s front-end system to be linked to the broker’s back-end system via an encoded channel. This means such traders aren’t engaged in using an application or platform supplied by the broker but can use their own custom platform or app instead. They’re going to conduct trade orders, trade execution, trade settlement, and trade verification, also as view live prices and access historical market data through their own interface.

APIs are particularly useful for institutions and brokers with their own, proprietary trading software. However, they’re going to even be used by private traders and app developers, or anyone with sufficient programming knowledge to line up and maintain the connection.

APIs allow users to form custom front-end trading solutions that will utilize the functionality and data from established suppliers. This includes; Live market data and executable prices. Historical market data and costs, allowing API users to research markets and chart client sentiment. Risk management tools and features, like stop loss and take profit limits. 

Current and historical trading data, therefore the user can maintain their account through their own interface. Immediate execution and instant confirmation, so orders are often administered through their own trading platform. Furthermore, trades are often administered anonymously, rather than being recorded on the broker’s platform, and as a back-end doesn’t get to be developed by the user, this might save on costs.

The overwhelming majority of major trading services providers offer API trading solutions, however, the features and degree of support on offer vary between brokers. Here are a few examples:


Forex Currency Stock is delighted to declare its recent Stock API named FCS API free forex API. With no delay later they launched it, with numberless people that are subscribing it particularly for utilizing the info for his or her technical investigation. You’ll notice the planning has been formerly tested like that in such how that an outsized number of requests are often managed smoothly as per second. It’s consonant with the Firefox browser, so you’ll be ready to keep all the library index you indeed want and implement them everyday use, free for using and openly accessible API.

The FCS API, a foreign exchange rate API, could be swiftly accessible for all account statistics, orders, stances, properties, and far more. V2 Indicators API was published earlier, supplied and recovers V1 of the API. Despite that, V1 API terms are going to be no simpler. If you aspire to use the V2 API subsequently you’ve got to repair the V2 within the quick consumption of the info.

2- AvaTrade

AvaTrade could also be a broker regulated by the financial organization of providing Forex, CFDs and other financial instruments and related services. They supply APIs that allow traders to link their custom trading solutions to the AvaTrader servers for secure and instant trade execution using real-time transparent pricing data. The AvaTrader API, currency converter API, also allows clients access to historical market data. The API libraries are supplied as .NET or Java files, so an honest grasp of either of the programming languages is required to urge them to line up; no technical support is provided. There is no fee to use the AvaTrader APIs, however, the client goes to be required to line up an account and maintain a balance of a minimum of £1000. The APIs can also be used to connect automatic trading solutions to the AvaTrade platform. These are often tested on the demo platform using live market information.

3- IG 

The IG Group is one of the world’s largest, by revenue, retail CFD providers and is permitted and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority. Additionally, to offering their own web platform and trading apps, they also provide automated trading solutions via their APIs. The APIs provide access to historical and live market data and costs and perhaps used to execute trades using IG’s pricing and execution technology. The IG API also enables users to urge real-time trade notifications and account status notifications and allows them access to risk management tools, watch lists and other functionality.

Its API has been designed for various kinds of organizations like brokers, financial institutions, individual traders and app developers. IG offers a REST (Representational State Transfer) API – typical because of getting access to the resource over the web. The web API comes with technical support, including online documentation and developer tools, offering assistance to people that require it. 

The programming languages supported include Excel (VBA), Java and .Net. For institutional clients with professional programming resources, the FIX API allows OTC trading via a live price feed, direct trading into global stock exchange order books and much more.


FXCM Ltd. is permitted and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority, with permission to provide trading services and products. They supply a selection of APIs, including the Market scope Indicore which is for traders who use algorithms as a neighborhood of their trading strategy. They even have the FXCM Forex Connect API, which uses .Net, Mac, iOS, Linux or Android programming languages, and allows users to run price data analyses. A Java API enables clients to connect their own applications and thus the FIX API is for institutional clients, offering an interface that will be customized to satisfy the wants of the client. API specialists are also available at FXCM to provide a walk-through demonstration of the alternatives.


Fixer is another trusted source worldwide for forex trading. The fixer may be a hub of Forex trading for several SMBs, developers and certain institutions because it provides safe and trusted data for the past 6 years now. Fixer is capable of conducting exchange trading among up to 170 currencies and is in a position of getting updates every 60 seconds. The info Fixer contains is sourced by renowned banks and financial data providers including the financial institution.

In Forex trading, bank-level security is a crucial issue to believe but fixer takes care of that too because the API is encrypted by bank-grade 256-bit SSL type encryption. A crucial thing to note about Fixer is that it’s designed especially for the developers. It’s said to be a professional developer’s forum because it includes

The API documentation and simple API structure. Moreover, intuitive code examples are added thereto in order that developers may get engaged with Fixer in only 10 minutes. Pricing is usually some extent of attention for the audience but Fixer provides affordable prices in order that the clients are often addressed consistent with your pocket. It contains four packages with accordingly varying services.

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