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Top Five API Providers


Fcs Api is one of the top API providers across the world. It is the hub of lightweight APIS for Current and historical foreign exchange rates api and technical indicators. where you can have the forex api in real-time. It provides live streaming for the change in rates comparing currency pairs with all the current changes and updates. It is also renowned as a detailed forex market as it provides the audience with technical indicators, moving averages and pivot points which are last traded by the interbank market. 

Another aspect regarding Fcs Api is its volatility index which indicates the current volatility in the market (indicates that how high or low change can be) or the trend of the market which can be followed for the sustaining periods that how much it will expand or shrink as per the market trends or movement. 

The significant point to notice and to admire about Fcs Api is that it is updated every five minutes.

Free Package Basic Professional
1,000 API Calls / mo 10,000 API Calls / mo 00,000 API Calls / mo
Hourly Updates 10-minute Updates 1-minute Updates
Limited Support Premium Support Historical Data
Historical Data Historical Data SSL Encryption
SSL Encryption All Base Currencies
All Base Currencies Conversion Endpoint
Conversion Endpoint Time-Series Endpoint


Fixer is another trusted source worldwide for forex trading. Fixer is a hub of Forex trading for many SMBs, developers and certain institutions as it provides safe and trusted data for the past 6 years now. 

Fixer is capable of conducting foreign exchange trading among up to 170 currencies and is able of getting updates every 60 seconds. The data Fixer contains is sourced by renowned banks and financial data providers including the European Central Bank. 

In Forex trading, bank-level security is an important issue to think about but fixer looks after that too as the API is encrypted by bank-grade 256-bit SSL type encryption. An important thing to notice about Fixer is that it is designed especially for the developers. It is said to be a pro developers forum because it includes 

The API documentation and straight forward API structure. Moreover, intuitive code examples are added to it so that developers may get engaged with Fixer in just 10 minutes. Pricing is always a point of attention for the audience but Fixer provides affordable prices so that the clients can be addressed according to your pocket. It contains four packages with accordingly varying services.

Free Package Basic Professional Professional Plus
No hidden costs are applied to it. It includes 1.000   API calls per month. 10.000 API calls/month 100.000 API calls/ month  500.000 API calls/month
Hourly updates Hourly updates 10 minutes notification

60 seconds updates
Limited information Premium Updates Time-series Endpoint

Fluctuation Endpoint
All Base Currencies Conversion Endpoint

Conversion Endpoint
Conversion Endpoint All Base Currencies All base currencies
It can cost up to 10$/month  It can cost 40$/month

Alpha Vantage

Alpha Vantage is among the top ten technical indicators, forex trading. Alpha vantage comprises business advisors, researchers and, engineers who are tightly knit to the cause. Alpha Vantage is among top-ranked companies that provide free real-time APIs, digital-crypto currencies, Forex and historical data on stocks. Alpha Vantage is among some of the companies which focus on technological researches and accurate historical information.

Alpha Vantage APIs are classified into four types

  • Sector Performances
  • Technical Indicators
  • Stock time-series data
  • Physical and CryptoCurrency

The API information based on historical background is provided by:

》 Daily



Alpha Vantage provides free access to online data but when you exceed its limit, it charges you a premium package that is affordable in all senses.


Intrinio is fourth in the list of technical indicators for forex trading. It is a financial market place where you can find real-time, intraday historical data on the premium subscription basis. Its aim is to design construct and run important business strategies. It is a vast platform that provides information about 150 currencies, the changes and the traditions these currencies follow. And, it is able to provide insights and information every 90 seconds. Intrinio is specially designed for the people seeking investments or the people looking forward to their startup plans. Intrinio arranges the investment a startup plan needs and makes sure that there appears no hurdle in the way.

It has the following packages in its premium subscription;

  • If you stay in the Intrinio free limit, you will have to pay not even a single penny for receiving API calls per month.
  • In the basic package, you will have to pay 10$ a month for a subscription and you will be receiving 90.000 API calls per month.
  • In Pro package, you will have to pay 45$ to get a subscription and you will receive 450.000 API calls per month.


Xignite is one of the leading campaigns in the world of forex trading. The high-cost legacy and rigidity among the market are very unsustainable and this is well acknowledged by Xignite. Xignite is a vital platform where unique data consumption and market management are unified. It presents an ample opportunity to optimize, manage and control the real-time and data references across traditional markets. 

Xignite’s mobile data and APIs have set a milestone for 12 years now. The APIs of Xignite is the best platform for data management and historical data about global markets. Xignite provides quality among data in the market as it is sponsored by big companies such as Factset and Morningstar and Xignite also curates its own data. 

APIs introduced by Xignite is the fastest and easiest way starting up new applications to fill up the loopholes in data-hungry markets. It is reported to provide the source to 250 global institutions. APIs are that much scalable that you can hit them easily without being throttled. 

Xignite is to a specialist in providing integrated APIs for reference financial and historic data.

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