Foreign exchange rates & currency rates JSON (Forex) API

(FREE) Forex Currency Stock is a simple and lightweight Forex API for Current and historical foreign exchange rates and technical indicator.

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Response : (1 Hour Candle)
  "symbol": "EUR/USD",
  "candle": {
    "o": 1.1126, // Open
    "h": 1.1128, // High
    "l": 1.1126, // Low
    "c": 1.1126, // Close
    "t": 1571781600000, // Unix Time (UTC) (Candle Time)
    "tm": "2019-10-22 22:00:00", // Date Time (UTC) (Candle Time)

Fast & reliable

Forex & Stocks API is designed for exchange rates to handle thousands of requests per second also monitor constantly.


Built in Forex compatibility so you can keep all the libraries you already like and use them daily.

Open source

Everything from the code base, homepage to the deployment process is opensource and free to use under a permissive MIT license.


Forex Currency Stock API

Forex Currency Stock API is able to provide real-time exchange rate data for 170 world currencies. The API comes with multiple endpoints, each serving a different usage state. Endpoint functionality includes getting the latest exchange rate data for all currencies or a specific set of currencies, converting currency from one currency to another, restoring time series data for a currency or multiple currencies, and querying the daily volatility data API.

Through these documents, you will understand the API architecture, methods, possible errors, and code examples. In case there any question is left unanswered, please make sure to contact us and our team will be happy to help out.

Latest Price

Your API Key is the unique key that is passed into the API base URL's access_key parameter in order to authenticate with the FCS API.

Base URL:
Append your API Key:

If you dont have FCS API access key, you can registered here Signup (Free).

API Response

Exchange rates delivered by the FCS API are by default relative to EUR. All data is returned in standard JSON format and can be parsed easily using any programming language.

Example Response: Below you will find an example API response carrying a number of common world currencies, all relative to the currency EUR and time stamped at the exact time they were collected.


  "candle": {
     "tm""2019-10-22 22:00:00"
 ...{+300 Historical Candles}

As illustrated above, the API's response - when queried for real-time exchange rates - always contains a timestamp object containing a standard UNIX time stamp indicating the time the given exchange rate data was collected, a base object containing the three-letter currency code of the base currency, a date object containing the date the given exchange rate data was collected, and a rates object containing the actual exchange rate data.

Further below, in the Documentaion section, the API response structure will be discussed in detail.