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Please move your code to version 3 released in Oct 2020, Version 2 will be deprecate soon (after Feb 2021)

Whats New in Crypto API Version 3

*) Add 5 digitis currency prices (also effect Version 2)
*) Ask, Bid prices add in Latest, Candle and Cross API endpoint
*) Last Candle API now support all symbols and also 1 pervious closed candle
*) Update Latest API endpoint
*) Support 2h and 4h Time frame

Note: In this document parameters are embed directly in URL (GET request) it is only for quick demo testing, For production API please embed all parameters with POST request.
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Powered by 35+ Crypto coin exchange data sources, the FCS API delivering real-time Crypto 1500+ currencies and 5000+ coins combination rates. We provides different API endpoints, each one is serving a different data response. FCS provides the latest Crypto price for all or a specific pair of crypto, retrieving historical coin rates data for one or multiple coins, technical indicators, moving averages for market analyzing, supply details from 1min to 1 month.

In this document, you will learn how to use API with its parameters, potential unwanted errors and some code examples. After this document, if you face difficulty to understand API structure, you can contact us any time and our team will be happy to help out.

Get Started

Hello World,
FCS API is the platform which has been designed to resolve all the problems of the users and the developers, Who face trouble in getting Cryptocurrency API. Here we provide almost all of the tools related to Crypto. In this documentation, we have discussed all the parameters and providing almost all the response in JSON format, Because 90% developer want in JSON API format for their project. Here we provide all requests response in Standard JSON format, which can be changed into another format. In order to use our services users can select any programming language to send request on API URL.

API Access Key
In order to access our API, users need an API key after signup. For the purpose of crypto API, the user’s Access key is unique that authenticate with the FCS API after passing it into the base URL’s access_key parameter. In Users can understand the API structure, code examples, method, and potential errors through this documentation.

Note: Maximum 10 URL hits allow per minute for single IP. Please set multiple ids or symbols in the URL to reduce API requests. You can make your work efficient by getting multiple crypto data at once. If you need more Request/minute please contact us.

Sample API:
Free Sign up to get an API ACCESS KEY using the button below.

API Request Credit Usage

All APIs endpoint count 1 credit for every URL request. But 4 endpoint count 1 credit per 100 record return. In Free Plan user allow to request on any API 500 times in 1 month. Each API URL request count 1 credit. But some endpoint credit count by response.

  • Only Latest price API, Candle API, Profile API, Supply API count 1 credit per 100 record return.
  • Request count only when response code is {200} and return some record.
  • If API endpoints that return an error or empty responses are not count in request.
  • Login in your account to see your request usage.
  • Request limit refresh every month of your billing date.


Parameters Details
ID In order to get a response for a specific Crypto API data, you need to set Crypto-ID in a URL parameter.
Default: none. Values: 1,2,3... etc,
You need to use “List API” to get all of the Crypto IDs or symbols List
Symbol To get the data of specific Crypto from our database to use our API, you have to use a specific symbol or short name of crypto to get its response.
Default: none

Note: You needs one ID or Symbol to set in API parameter. The symbol parameter would be ignored if their Id parameter is present in the URL. They have to use any parameter, that would be the Symbol or ID, and the result obtained by them will be the same.
Period When you are looking for candle price, History, Signals, Pivot point and Average Line, for this you required to use in few crypto ids and you just have to indicate the time frames data which you want.

Default: 1h
Valid Values: 1m, 5m, 15m, 30m,1h, 5h, 1d, 1w, month
OR Alternate: 1, 5, 15, 30,60, 300, 1440, 10080, 43200
It is very important for you when you want to look after historical data from any date and willing to access any history of crypto. In that manner, you just need to use (from, to) parameter to indicate the date through From/To.

Default: none
Format: YYYY-MM-DD E.g: 2018-01-01
OR YYYY-MM-DDTHour:Min E.g: 2018-01-01T12:30
When you are looking for Crypto API history Access. It is required with "From" Parameter.

Default: none
Format: YYYY-MM-DD E.g: 2018-01-31
OR YYYY-MM-DDTHour:Min E.g: 2018-01-31T12:30

Note: When you not pass FROM/TO in URL, then history will return the latest 300 candles.

T in date format is just use to remove space between date and time. It has no usage and no validation.
It is necessary for developers when you need a specific type of symbols for a Cryptocurrency then you need to use “list API”. Default: both Values: Forex, Crypto or both
Convert Its use to convert USD price into other specific currencies. In order to convert BTC into other Currency, you prefer this parameter for conversion.

Default: none. Values: USD,EUR,JPY,BTC,XRP etc,
Note: Currently it is only support in "Crypto Supply API"
You can change the crypto API response format.
Default: JSON
Valid Values: JSON, JSONP, object, XML, serialize and array

Crypto Symbols List

Crypto symbol list is a list of two (2) short coins name combination. To display the lines, points, and polygon on the specific graphic’s layer in crypto you have to use symbols. You can get the response of all available crypto ids from our Database. Here we mentioned all the historical and real-time access in JSON format, which uses an easy and get all the supported cryptocurrencies names. Moreover, we provide constantly update regarding crypto API endpoint which shows all the real-time currencies.

Accepted Parameters:
type = crypto


We provide a huge collection of crypto symbols, so you can easily use Free Crypto API to get the latest price, price converter, historical and technical signals.
  "name""Bitcoin US Dollar",
  "name""Ethereum US Dollar",
5000+ More Crypto Currencies}

Crypto Coin Profile Details

Here user can reach the details related to the cryptocurrencies. Detail includes currency’s name, country, bank name, etc
You can utilize different currencies’ profiles through their crypto ID in order to get a response including several index keys.

Accepted Parameters:
id={any valid Crypto ID}
symbol={any valid Crypto short name}

Request Credit Usage: 1 credit count for each 100 record returned (rounded up).

Profile by currency ID's',79,80&access_key=API_KEY
By Symbol Combination:,ETH/USD,XRP/USD&access_key=API_KEY
By Currency Short Name:
{ //Crypto Currency Profile 
  "slug" : "bitcoin",
  "name" : "Bitcoin",
  "symbol" : "BTC",
  "category" : "coin",
  "short_name" : "BTC",
  "website" : "",
  "icon" : "",
  "urls" : {
    "technical_doc" : "",
    "twitter" : "",
    "reddit" : "",
    "announcement" : "",
    "source_code" :
  "type": "crypto"
}, {and more}

Crypto Currency Converter

Currency converter plays a very important role in the price conversation because the user needs a conversion between two specified currencies. For this purpose you just have to link the Crypto API request through the symbols parameter in URL.

Note: Below API doesnt support multiple crypto symbols in URL. Use only one Symbol name for each request.

Accepted Parameters :
pair1 = BTC & pair2 = USD (Use both at a time) OR
symbol = BTC/USD
amount = 200
access_key = API_KEY

Note: It is also support all forex currencies symbols.

Currency Conversation:
Currency Converter example 2:
  "price_1x_BTC""5.04E-5", // 1 BTC = USD
  "price_1x_USD""19826", // 1 USD = BTC
  "total""3965200" // Total Price x amount (Amount * 1 USD) = Total (USD)

Eligibility : All users can access this endpoint except free users.

Latest Price

The user who is a concern with crypto API. It is necessary for them to have the latest price data anytime. We provide a current market latest price which you can easily access. However, you can see multiple currency prices at a time, for this you just have to set the currency’s id order symbol code in the API’s parameters.
Note: Prices update in every 30 seconds to 1minute

Accepted Parameters :
id = {Any valid Crypto ID}
symbol = {Any valid Crypto symbol}
access_key = API_KEY

Request Credit Usage: 1 credit count for each 100 record returned (rounded up).

Price of one symbol:
All Prices at once: (return all latest prices of crypto currencies)
Multiple prices by ids:,79,80&access_key=API_KEY
Multiple prices by name:,ETH/USD&access_key=API_KEY
  "s""BTC/USD", // Symbol
  "o""8767.415375", // Open
  "h""8740.166220", // High
  "l""8924.587238", // Low
  "c""8892.841263", // Price/Close
  "a""8891.852840", // Ask
  "b""8894.818768", // Bid
  "ch""125.425888", // Change in 1 day candle
  "cp"1.43%", // Change in percentage
  "t""1583238543", // When update last time Time Unix Format (UTC)
  "tm""2020-03-03 12:29:03" // When update last time (UTC)

  "tm""2020-03-03 12:29:03"
and more}

Last Candle Prices (Support Time Period)

Last candle return latest and closed candle prices with selected time period.
Note : Crypto Last Candle API only support valid suppoted ID or name from our active crypto list, and candle API is less accurate then history and latest API becuase its update every 60 seconds.

Accepted Parameters :
id = {Any FX ID}
symbol = {Supported FX symbol}
period = {Any time frame} (all except 1m and 2h)
access_key = API_KEY
candle = {valid values : active, close, both} default: both,
Active: return current candle, Close : return 1 previous closed candle, both: return 2 latest candle

Request Credit Usage: 1 credit count for each 100 record returned (rounded up).
Note : Update every 60 seconds.

Candle API by ID:,79,80&period=1h&access_key=API_KEY
Candle API by Symbol Name:,ETH/USD&period=1h&access_key=API_KEY
All Prices at once: (return all latest prices of forex currencies)

The candle response only returns 2 last candle of each single currency and time period from the chart. If you want only latest price, Please use "Latest Price" API, If you need more previous candles please use Forex Historical API.

  "s""USD/EUR", // Symbol
  "o""3.672241", // Open
  "h""3.691708", // High
  "l""3.654802", // Low
  "c""3.673337", // Price/Close
  "a""3.674465", // Ask
  "b""3.671711", // Bid
  "sp""4.00", // Spread
  "ch""0.001096", // Change in 1 day candle
  "cp"0.03%", // Change in percentage
  "t""1583238500", // When candle time Unix Format (UTC)
  "tm""2020-03-03 12:00:00" // When Candle time (UTC)
  "up""2020-03-03 12:29:03" // When last update time (UTC)

and more}

Base Currency

On the base of 1 currency, it will return all quote prices of all available currencies.

Accepted Parameters :
symbol = {Any Crypto/Forex currency symbol} e.g: BTC, ETH etc
access_key = API_KEY
type = {forex OR crypto} => default: forex
If type = forex, & symbol = EUR, so you'll receive quotes of 140+ Forex currencies, e.g: EUR/JPY,EUR/GBP
If type = forex, & symbol = BTC, so you'll receive quotes of 140+ Forex currencies, e.g: BTC/USD, BTC/EUR
If type = crypto, & symbol = EUR, so you'll receive quotes of 1500+ Crypto currencies, e.g: EUR/BTC, EUR/ETH
If type = crypto, & symbol = BTC, so you'll receive quotes of 1500+ Forex currencies, e.g: BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC

Candle API by ID:

Return all quotes of all currencies in forex/crypto, depend what "type" parameter value you specified.

"ETC": "783.1061303",
"LTC": "133.2138284",
"XRP": "37135.0386675",
"ETH": "49.1734062",
{and more...}
Eligibility : Users with standard and above subscription can access this endpoint.
Note: Above all are not current quote price it is just for sample response, you can use API to get current quote price.

Historical Price API

It is an important part for the users to know about the history and historical prices of the coin market, which helps them to compare the current market with the previous market, which makes it easy to analyze. We provide all the historical data of the exchange price for a specific symbol. You can discover all the previous rates from the year 1995 for most of the symbol and small time frame e.g: 1m, 5m and less historical data upto 6months, and through the FCS API URL you can easily get historical rates which append a date in the format of (YYYY-MM-DD) for the specified period of time (1m,5m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 5h, 1d, 1w, month).

Accepted Parameters :
id = {Any valid Crypto ID}
symbol = {Any valid Crypto symbol}
period = {Currency time period}
from = {History date from} & To = {date to} (Use both at a time or ignore both for latest)
access_key = API_KEY

You have to keep it in your mind, if you are looking for the latest history, we should not have to assign the “From/To” parameter. It will best and fast response.
In the URL multiple IDs do not support, Through the API request only one ID or symbol you can send at a time. And 2h and 4h return less data due to heavy process in backend.

Quick Latest 300 Candles History

Here you can see the history of the previous 300 candles through the latest API URL which helps you to predict the market and analyze the current market with respect to these candles. So, you will not face any trouble when you are going to guess the real-time market by keeping the latest candles.
Return Latest 900 candles
Get history by Symbol
History Between Specific Date {YYYY-MM-DD}

You can easily get the historical exchange rate for the specific time period between the two specified dates for all the symbols which are available through the parameter of “From/To”. There are two symbols separated by a slash between them. And for the specific time period, you can see the exchange rate historical data. 
   &from=2023-12-01 OR 1701388800 // Unix format
   &to=2024-06-20 OR 1718841600
Or Between Specific Date-Time
Do not use FROM and TO parameter : If you always need an up-to-date history candles, you must take care of the From/To parameter, which should not be assigned and remove them from the URL, then it works better. With FROM and TO parameter it will increase response time.


The response will be seemed by this crypto API in terms of index keys of (o, h, l, c, t,tm ). these index keys show the open, high, low and close parameters in crypto for such a different historical candle.
Note: Historical data my be delay from 1 minute to 5 minute.

  "o""19355", // Open
  "h""19946", // High
  "l""19355", // Low
  "c""19826", // Close
  "t"1665712800000, // Time Unix Format (UTC)
  "tm""2022-10-14 02:00:00" // Date Time (UTC)
and 300 more historical candles}

Note : For latest 900 historical candles do not use (From/To) parameters, the response will work faster.

Eligibility : Free users can't use "From/To" parameters.

Coin Market Cap API

Crypto market cap, demand and supply is the most important factor in any coin market which investors have to keep in their mind before investing in. There are some cryptos having an infinite supply and market cap which means for a certain fixed number. If you want to see the coinmarketcap for one or more coins in the latest time so you can use our cryptocurrency market cap API mentioned below. Through this API, users can get familiar with the accurate time of data update in coin cap market which includes market_cap, max_supply, circulating_supply and totalvolume of 24 hours which would be helpful for the developers.

Accepted Parameters :
id = {Any valid Crypto ID}
symbol = {Any valid Crypto symbol}
convert = {Currency name to convert price} e.g: USD,EUR, BTC,LTC,XRP,ETH (maximum 10 currency)
access_key = API_KEY

You can get market supply data by sort parameters
sort = values: rank,price,market_cap,max_supply,total_supply,circulating_supply,vol_24H
order = values : ASC or DESC (ascending or descending order)
start = default : 1 (any positive number to get start response from)
limit = default : 100, (How many currency you want in response?)

Request Credit Usage: 1 credit count for each 100 record returned (rounded up).
Note: Crypto Market Supply data update frequency is 5-15 minutes.

Crypto Supply by Short Name:,XRP&convert=USD&access_key=API_KEY
Supply by ID's,80&convert=USD&access_key=API_KEY
Supply by Sorting

After using the crypto supply API, you will get the response in terms of different index keys that will provide you the latest supply data, which includes max supply, the price of currency and the percentage change of one hour, one day and one week.

 { //Crypto Currency Supply, marketcap and volume 
  "id" : "78",
  "rank" : 1,
  "name" : "Bitcoin",
  "symbol" : "BTC",
  "update" : "1 min ago",
  "update_time" : "2019-10-03 07:01:24",
  "circulating_supply" : "17970625",
  "max_supply" : "21000000",
  "quote": {
    "usd": {
      "price" : "8323.27671014",
      "market_cap" : "149574484529.16",
      "vol_24H" : "12579486945.484",
      "percentage_change_1h" : "-0.2291",
      "percentage_change_24h" : "0.8181",
      "percentage_change_7d" : "-1.4546"
}, {and more}

Market Trends / Signals API

It is on the hand of an investor in the crypto market, that how they get profit through the crypto market by analyzing and comparing both historical and real-time markets before the investment in the crypto market.
We provide Pivot point, technical indicators and MA line to check the current market movement.

Pivot Points API

Users use the pivot point API in order to analyze the market. Basically, It is also a indicator that indicates the user about high, low, support and resistances prices of the market for the current trading days. For the calculation of pivot point user use this API It will use to get PP Resistances and supports in a crypto trading.

Accepted Parameters :
id = {Any valid Crypto ID}
symbol = {Any valid Crypto symbol}
period = {Currency time period}
access_key = API_KEY

Note: In the URL multiple IDs do not support by the mentioned API, Through the API request only one ID or symbol you can send at a time.

Crypto Pivot Point API:
Pivot Point response include latest candle pivot point, 3 Resistance and 3 Support points in selected time period.
"oa_summary": "Strong Buy", // Overall Summary Buy/Sell based on Moving Avg and Technical Indicators
"pivot_point": {
  "Classic": {
     "pp""1.260046", // Pivot Points
     "R1""0.933058", // Resistance 1
     "R2""0.806942", // Resistance 2
     "R3""0.719172", // Resistance 3
     "S1""0.933014", // Support 1
     "S2""0.806912", // Support 2
     "S3""0.719105" // Support 3
  { "Fibonacci": {...} },
  { "Camarilla": {...} },
  { "Woodies": {...} },
  { "Demarks": {...} } // High /Low

Moving Averages API (MA Lines)

It makes easy for the user if you want to get the response that would judge the whole procedure of buying and selling you can use the mentioned API. Through this API users will get crypto market real-time moving average lines values base of previous (5,10,20,50,100,200) candles.

Accepted Parameters :
id = {Any valid Crypto ID}
symbol = {Any valid Crypto symbol}
period = {Currency time period}
access_key = API_KEY

Note: In the URL multiple IDs do not support by the mentioned API, Through the API request only one ID or symbol you can send at a time.

 "oa_summary": "Strong Buy",
  // OverAll Summary Buy/Sell based on Moving Avg and Technical Indicators

 "count": { "Total_Buy": "8", "Total_Sell": "3", "Total_Neutral": "1" },
  // Count Total Buys, Sells and Neutral

  "ma_avg": {
     "SMA": { // Simple Moving Averages
        // v=Value, s=Signal
        "MA5": { "v"0.8600, "s""Buy" }, // Based on 5 candles SMA
        "MA10": { "v"0.8800, "s""Buy" }, // Based on 10 candles SMA
        "MA20": { "v"0.7952, "s""Sell" }, // Based on 20 candles SMA
        "MA50": { "v"0.7976, "s""Buy" },
        "MA100": { "v"0.6894, "s""Buy" },
        "MA200": { "v"0.6580, "s""Neutral" }
     "EMA": { // Exponential Moving Averages
        "MA5": { "v"0.8600, "s""Buy" }, // Based on 5 candles EMA
        "MA10": { "v"0.8800, "s""Buy" }, // Based on 10 candles EMA
        "MA20": { "v"0.7952, "s""Sell" }, // Based on 20 candles EMA
        "MA50": { "v"0.7976, "s""Buy" },
        "MA100": { "v"0.6894, "s""Buy" },
        "MA200": { "v"0.6580, "s""Sell" }

     "summary": "Buy" // Buy/Sell judgment only based on Moving Avg

Eligibility : Users with standard and above subscription can access above endpoint.

Technical Indicator API

The real-time updated values are taken by technical indicator values. For the given currency exchange pair the latest and new point of data derived by the current data point. Top meta indicator (MA, RSI, STOCH, ATR, etc) calculates the technical indicators and return their values. In order to get the technical indicator’s latest values, it has been developed. It will show the top indicated values in the response of this API.

Accepted Parameters :
id = {Any valid Crypto ID}
symbol = {Any valid Crypto symbol}
period = {Currency time period}
access_key = API_KEY

Note: Below API does not support multiple ids in URL as a parameter. Send only 1 ID/Symbol name at a time with API request.

Crypto Indicator API:
 "oa_summary": "Strong Buy",
  // OverAll Summary Buy/Sell based on Moving Avg and Technical Indicators

 "count": { "Total_Buy": "6" , "Total_Sell": "1", "Total_Neutral": "1" },
  // Count Total Buys, Sells and Neutral
  "indicators": {
     "RSI": { "v"57.823, "s""Buy" }, // RSI (14)
     "STOCH": { "v"76.209, "s""Buy" }, // Stochastic (9,6)
     "STOCHRSI": { "v"81.306, "s""Overbought" }, // STOCH (14,6) + RSI(14)
     "MACD": { "v""0.001", "s""Buy" }, // MACD (12,26)
     "Williams": { "v"-19.355, "s""Overbought" }, // Williams %R
     "CCI": { "v"105.315, "s""Buy" }, // CCI (14)
     "ATR": { "v"0.0007 , "s""Less Volatility" }, // ATR (14)
     "UO": { "v"65.45, "s""Buy" }, // Ultimate Oscillator
     "ROC": { "v"0.142, "s""Buy" }, // ROC
     "summary": "Strong Buy" // Buy/Sell judgment only based on above Indicators

Eligibility : Users with standard and above subscription can access above endpoint.


Prices, Market trends and signals are not designed for trading purpose, These signals are only for education or non-commercial purpose use. Data contained in this application/website is not necessarily real-time nor accurate and so prices may not be accurate and may differ from the actual market price, meaning prices are indicative and not appropriate for trading purposes. Therefore we doesn`t bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this data.
Latest price minimum refresh rate is 20 Seconds