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Free Currency API For Developers.

Currency API

There are a lot of APIs that have been developed for a developer which they use on their websites or servers. A currency API is documentation that is the collections of all the essential data belongs to the currency exchange market which a developer can use in their servers. Moreover, API helps in the conversion of that data in the set of current rates or Digits.

How Currency converter works.

The function of a currency converter is to convert the value of one currency into another. However, Currency converter depends on the real-time information of the current market value of different currencies and also the bank exchange rates. They collect the information from different banks and different exchange rates platforms and store them into the server whenever the value of the currency goes up and down. They connect the server and updates the whole currents changes into their database.

Introduction To Currency API

Forex API

Forex stands for “Foreign Exchange”. Basically, the conversion between the rates of two different currencies is known as Forex.

For example

If we are looking for the conversion of 1 EUR into 1 USD, it will show some results which depend on some factors. These factors are listed below.

You can see from the chart which shows some colors.

crypto API

In the above chart, there are green and red colored candles. When the green candle rises, it means that it is the profit mean for the investor that’s if they sell their owned currency in this period it will give profit to them. It shows the profit in the term that, open price becomes less than the closing price. It is the basic function of green candles.

On the other hand, Red color shows the loss to the user. It shows the loss in the term that, open price get more rate than the close price. When red color rises, it is indicating the loss in trading. It means that if they sell their owned currency in that period, it will give them loss. 

If you want to see the conversion between any two currencies, Just visit the FCS API website which will give you the free Forex API through this, you will get the best, most accurate, historical cryptocurrency and exchange trade of the real-time data over 145+ currencies and in the crypto API, you will get 5000+ coins rates. Visit us: Free Forex API

Crypto API

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money. In crypto API, All kinds of stuff related to cryptocurrencies are discussed. Each website Specialists and developers use APIs to make applications and to make their work easy, Cryptocurrency API basically works on blockchain technology, blockchain is a set of information and database.

Blockchain advancement is a platform where every single cryptographic type of cash chips getaway. Since the creation of Bitcoin, all of these get started. Blockchain plays a role in the conversion of cryptocurrencies.

If you are a part of cryptocurrency trading and want to get its updates related to real-time rates and historical data. Visite us: Free Crypto API

How Developers use APIs For Currency Conversion.

If you want to make and complete such a project to get the latest chart for forex or cryptocurrency pairs then they need for an API to get the details of currency exchange then first you just have to visit our FCSApi website then you need to sign up and complete the form by giving some necessary information like your name, email, etc and submitted it then sign in again after this you will have to look at our dashboard page to get an API link.

Importance For APIS.

It saves your time and updates because in API all the premade data is present. When new value comes it gives real-time updates and specific pairs of currency, An API retrieves historical currency data for one or multiple currencies and technical indicators in API is used for market analyzing.


For a developer, APIs ease their work and play an important role to work its saves time and lots of difficulties in the work and provides them all the necessary things which they can directly use. FCS API platform is the best platform to get updates related to forex and cryptocurrency rates. It provides 25+ currency exchange rate data sources, the FCS API delivers its visitors real-time Forex updates over 145+ currencies and also gives updates related to crypto over 2000+ coins rates.

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