JPY to AUD Currency Converter

1 JPY =
0.012493 AUD

JPY Overview

The Japanese yen is the currency of Japan. The currency code for Japanese yen is JPY, as well as the ISO code, is "392", and the currency symbol is ¥, 円, 圓. The Coins of Japan are (JP¥500, JP¥10, JP¥100, JP¥50, JP¥1, JP¥5) and Banknotes are (JP¥10000, JP¥1000, JP¥2000, JP¥5000). The central bank of Japan is called the "Bank of Japan".

AUD Overview

The Australian Dollar is the currency of Australia. The currency code for Australian Dollar is AUD, as well as the ISO code, is "36", and the currency symbol is $, A$, AUD. The Coins of Australia are (AUD 10c, AUD$2, AUD 5c, AUD$1, AUD 20c, AUD 50cent) and Banknotes are (Australian fifty-dollar note, Australian five-dollar note, MORE). The central bank of Australia is called the "Reserve Bank of Australia".


AUD/JPY Value Evaluation: Teases 2019 excessive on the manner to seven-month-old resistance line By Anil Panchal - 1 week ago

Having not too long ago ticked as much as 80.68, AUD/JPY wavers round the best since April 2019, presently close to 80.62, all the way through the preliminary Asian buying and selling on Frid

EUR/GBP drops under 0.9050 as sterling outperforms its continental peer By Joel Frank - 1 week ago

EUR/GBP has is off sub-0.9020 lows and buying and selling within the 0.9030s however continues to alternate a cheap quantity under its Thursday opening point at 0.9055 an

Greenback wallows close to multi-year lows after Democrats take keep an eye on of Senate By Reuters - 1 week ago

Analysts suppose a Democrat-controlled Senate can be constructive for improvement globally and thus for many chance resources, however destructive for bonds and the greenback as the United States price range and alternate deficits would possibly widen additional

AUD/JPY eases from 21-month most sensible after Aussie alternate stability, US politics in focal point By Anil Panchal - 1 week ago

AUD/JPY steps again from the multi-month excessive, with gentle losses, after Aussie alternate numbers all the way through Thursday’s Asian buying and selling. Whilst downbeat alternate info

WTI slips again from highs after eyeing $51.00, chance on stipulations stay supportive By Joel Frank - 1 week ago

Crude oil costs have slipped from highs within the $50.90s in latest alternate amid what seems to be some profit-taking after a strongly chance on day. WTI s

AUD/USD slips again below 0.7800 point as USD phases modest restoration By Joel Frank - 1 week ago

AUD/USD rallied above the 0.7800 point early on all the way through Wednesday’s Ecu morning consultation, hitting multi-year highs at 0.7820 through round 10:00GMT, bu

All JPY and AUD Currency Pairs

Convert JPY to AUD

1 JPY 0.012493 AUD
5 JPY 0.062465 AUD
10 JPY 0.12493 AUD
25 JPY 0.312325 AUD
50 JPY 0.62465 AUD
100 JPY 1.2493 AUD
250 JPY 3.12325 AUD
500 JPY 6.2465 AUD
1000 JPY 12.493 AUD
2000 JPY 24.986 AUD
5000 JPY 62.465 AUD
10000 JPY 124.93 AUD

Convert AUD to JPY

1 AUD 80.044825 JPY
5 AUD 400.224125 JPY
10 AUD 800.44825 JPY
25 AUD 2001.120625 JPY
50 AUD 4002.24125 JPY
100 AUD 8004.4825 JPY
250 AUD 20011.20625 JPY
500 AUD 40022.4125 JPY
1000 AUD 80044.825 JPY
2000 AUD 160089.65 JPY
5000 AUD 400224.125 JPY
10000 AUD 800448.25 JPY