JPY to CAD Currency Converter

1 JPY =
0.012278 CAD

JPY Overview

The Japanese yen is the currency of Japan. The currency code for Japanese yen is JPY, as well as the ISO code, is "392", and the currency symbol is ¥, 円, 圓. The Coins of Japan are (JP¥500, JP¥10, JP¥100, JP¥50, JP¥1, JP¥5) and Banknotes are (JP¥10000, JP¥1000, JP¥2000, JP¥5000). The central bank of Japan is called the "Bank of Japan".

CAD Overview

The Canadian Dollar is the currency of Canada. The currency code for Canadian Dollar is CAD, as well as the ISO code, is "124", and the currency symbol is C$, Can$, $, CAD. The Coins of Canada are (CAD 25¢, CAD 10¢, CAD 5¢, CAD $1, CAD $2) and Banknotes are (CAD $10, CAD $5, CAD $20, CAD $50). The central bank of Canada is called the "Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada".


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All JPY and CAD Currency Pairs

Convert JPY to CAD

1 JPY 0.012278 CAD
5 JPY 0.06139 CAD
10 JPY 0.12278 CAD
25 JPY 0.30695 CAD
50 JPY 0.6139 CAD
100 JPY 1.2278 CAD
250 JPY 3.0695 CAD
500 JPY 6.139 CAD
1000 JPY 12.278 CAD
2000 JPY 24.556 CAD
5000 JPY 61.39 CAD
10000 JPY 122.78 CAD

Convert CAD to JPY

1 CAD 81.44649 JPY
5 CAD 407.23245 JPY
10 CAD 814.4649 JPY
25 CAD 2036.16225 JPY
50 CAD 4072.3245 JPY
100 CAD 8144.649 JPY
250 CAD 20361.6225 JPY
500 CAD 40723.245 JPY
1000 CAD 81446.49 JPY
2000 CAD 162892.98 JPY
5000 CAD 407232.45 JPY
10000 CAD 814464.9 JPY