NZD to AUD Currency Converter

1 NZD =
0.9262 AUD

NZD Overview

The New Zealand Dollar is the currency of New Zealand. The currency code for New Zealand Dollar is NZD, as well as the ISO code, is "554", and the currency symbol is $. The Coins of New Zealand are (10 euro cent coin, 20 cent euro coin, $1, 50c, $2) and Banknotes are ($100, $20, $10, $50, $5). The central bank of New Zealand is called the "Reserve Bank of New Zealand".

AUD Overview

The Australian Dollar is the currency of Australia. The currency code for Australian Dollar is AUD, as well as the ISO code, is "36", and the currency symbol is $, A$, AUD. The Coins of Australia are (AUD 10c, AUD$2, AUD 5c, AUD$1, AUD 20c, AUD 50cent) and Banknotes are (Australian fifty-dollar note, Australian five-dollar note, MORE). The central bank of Australia is called the "Reserve Bank of Australia".


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All NZD and AUD Currency Pairs

Convert NZD to AUD

1 NZD 0.9262 AUD
5 NZD 4.631 AUD
10 NZD 9.262 AUD
25 NZD 23.155 AUD
50 NZD 46.31 AUD
100 NZD 92.62 AUD
250 NZD 231.55 AUD
500 NZD 463.1 AUD
1000 NZD 926.2 AUD
2000 NZD 1852.4 AUD
5000 NZD 4631 AUD
10000 NZD 9262 AUD

Convert AUD to NZD

1 AUD 1.07968 NZD
5 AUD 5.3984 NZD
10 AUD 10.7968 NZD
25 AUD 26.992 NZD
50 AUD 53.984 NZD
100 AUD 107.968 NZD
250 AUD 269.92 NZD
500 AUD 539.84 NZD
1000 AUD 1079.68 NZD
2000 AUD 2159.36 NZD
5000 AUD 5398.4 NZD
10000 AUD 10796.8 NZD