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Advantages of Fix API

Forex Currency Stock recognizes that the traditional model of basic brokerage services (Prime Broker), while effective, still falls short of optimizing market engagements, due to time and cost considerations. FIX is the main protocol for rapid correspondence, direct communication and trading in financial markets. Forex Currency Stock API is an integrated solution for institutional clients and large-volume traders, who are always looking to access the best liquidity pools at affordable prices without relying on third-party applications / interfaces. 

FIX API customers get the opportunity to take advantage of the available liquidity and relationships between Forex Currency Stock and technology providers to ensure the convenience of one-to-one dealing, one price, and standardized competitive fees based on volumes. 

Liquidity available to customers

Forex Currency Stock gathers trading prices through more than 50 sources of liquidity, including banks and open-ended liquidity pools, ensuring you get the best rates available in the market. The Company’s Order Book is one of the most in-depth records of Forex brokers worldwide. This, along with offering the best spreads on the market, helps to maximize the quality of order execution. 

Our excellent banking relationships allowed us to reach the EURUSD average spread of 0.1 pips, the lowest spreads available on this pair worldwide.

Advantages of FIX API

The main feature of the FIX API is the speed and small size of this application. The main purpose of the FIX API design was to enable the ability to transmit huge amounts of information very quickly.

In addition, the application benefited from the fact that it was specifically designed for use in the financial industry. This helped to build it on the basis of all traders. 

The Forex API is designed to work in a way that ensures anonymity, allowing its trading systems to use it without the risk of revealing their strategies. 

Finally, the FIX API is one of the industry-standard protocols, which means it can simultaneously create fast and seamless connections. Traders can use the FIX API at any time they need and without any delay. 

Why use FIX API

FIX API connectivity provides real-time price feeds, and allows customers to have full control over sending and receiving data without the need for intermediate programs or applications. Clients can send their orders, can at any time modify / cancel / assign orders and receive notifications about trading activities. In general, the FIX API can provide the same functionality as middle-ware. 

Reasons to use the FIX API

  • Avoid restrictions with middle ware applications
  • Low response time
  • Improve implantation rates
  • Wide range of command types
  • Customization to suit the needs of traders.
  • Maintain anonymity of automated trading systems used by the client.
  • Suitable for experienced programmers

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