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1 BGN =
2.2034 PLN

BGN Overview

The Bulgarian Lev is the currency of Bulgaria. The currency code for Bulgarian Lev is BGN, as well as the ISO code, is "975", and the currency symbol is Лв.. The Coins of Bulgaria are (50 stotinki, 20 stotinki, 2 stotinki, 10 stotinki, 1 stotinki, 5 stotinki, 1 leva, 2 leva) and Banknotes are (2 leva, 5 leva, 100 leva, 20 leva, 50 leva, 10 leva). The central bank of Bulgaria is called the "Bulgarian National Bank".

PLN Overview

The Polish Zloty is the currency of Poland. The currency code for Polish Zloty is PLN, as well as the ISO code, is "985", and the currency symbol is zł. The Coins of Poland are (2gr, 1gr, 5zł, 50gr, 5gr, 10gr, 2zł, 20gr, 1zł) and Banknotes are (10 złotych note, 20 złotych note, 100 złotych note, 50 złotych note, 200 złotych note). The central bank of Poland is called the "National Bank of Poland".


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All BGN and PLN Currency Pairs

Convert BGN to PLN

1 BGN 2.2034 PLN
5 BGN 11.017 PLN
10 BGN 22.034 PLN
25 BGN 55.085 PLN
50 BGN 110.17 PLN
100 BGN 220.34 PLN
250 BGN 550.85 PLN
500 BGN 1101.7 PLN
1000 BGN 2203.4 PLN
2000 BGN 4406.8 PLN
5000 BGN 11017 PLN
10000 BGN 22034 PLN

Convert PLN to BGN

1 PLN 0.45384 BGN
5 PLN 2.2692 BGN
10 PLN 4.5384 BGN
25 PLN 11.346 BGN
50 PLN 22.692 BGN
100 PLN 45.384 BGN
250 PLN 113.46 BGN
500 PLN 226.92 BGN
1000 PLN 453.84 BGN
2000 PLN 907.68 BGN
5000 PLN 2269.2 BGN
10000 PLN 4538.4 BGN