COP to RUB Currency Converter

1 COP =
0.02329 RUB

COP Overview

The Colombian Peso is the currency of Colombia. The currency code for Colombian Peso is COP, as well as the ISO code, is "170", and the currency symbol is $. The Coins of Colombia are (500 pesos, 1000 pesos, 100 pesos, 50 pesos, 200 pesos) and Banknotes are (50000 pesos, 100000 pesos, 5000 pesos, 1000 pesos, 20000 pesos, 10000 pesos, 2000 pesos). The central bank of Colombia is called the "Central Bank of Colombia".

RUB Overview

The Russian Ruble is the currency of Russian Federation. The currency code for Russian Ruble is RUB, as well as the ISO code, is "643", and the currency symbol is ₽, руб. The Coins of Russian Federation are (5, 10, 50 Коп., 2, 10 Коп., 1) and Banknotes are (100, 5000, 1000, 50, 500). The central bank of Russian Federation is called the "Central Bank of Russia".


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All COP and RUB Currency Pairs

Convert COP to RUB

1 COP 0.02329 RUB
5 COP 0.11645 RUB
10 COP 0.2329 RUB
25 COP 0.58225 RUB
50 COP 1.1645 RUB
100 COP 2.329 RUB
250 COP 5.8225 RUB
500 COP 11.645 RUB
1000 COP 23.29 RUB
2000 COP 46.58 RUB
5000 COP 116.45 RUB
10000 COP 232.9 RUB

Convert RUB to COP

1 RUB 42.94563 COP
5 RUB 214.72815 COP
10 RUB 429.4563 COP
25 RUB 1073.64075 COP
50 RUB 2147.2815 COP
100 RUB 4294.563 COP
250 RUB 10736.4075 COP
500 RUB 21472.815 COP
1000 RUB 42945.63 COP
2000 RUB 85891.26 COP
5000 RUB 214728.15 COP
10000 RUB 429456.3 COP