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1 CRC =
0.00478 GEL

CRC Overview

The Costa Rican Colón is the currency of Costa Rica. The currency code for Costa Rican Colón is CRC, as well as the ISO code, is "188", and the currency symbol is ₡. The Coins of Costa Rica are (25 colones, 500 colones, 50 colones, 100 colones, 5 colones, 10 colones) and Banknotes are (5000 colones, 1000 colones, 10000 colones, 50000 colones, 2000 colones, 20000 colones). The central bank of Costa Rica is called the "Central Bank of Costa Rica".

GEL Overview

The Georgian lari is the currency of Georgia. The currency code for Georgian lari is GEL, as well as the ISO code, is "981", and the currency symbol is ლ, GEL. The Coins of Georgia are (2 tetri, 10 tetri, 20 tetri, 50 tetri, 1 lari, 5 tetri, 2 lari, 1 tetri) and Banknotes are (100 lari, 50 lari, 5 lari, 10 lari, 20 lari). The central bank of Georgia is called the "National Bank of Georgia".


Position of DNA changes in Mycoplasma gallisepticum By Tatiana A. Semashko, Alexander A. Arzamasov, Daria V. Evsyutina, Irina A. Garanina, Daria S. Matyushkina, Valentina G. Ladygina, Olga V. Pobeguts, Gleb Y. Fisunov, Vadim M. Govorun - 2 months ago

The epigenetics of micro organism, and micro organism with a discounted genome specifically, is of serious curiosity, however remains to be poorly understood. Mycoplasma gallisepticum, a consultant of the category Mollicutes, is to take into accounta good mannequin of a minimum cellular as a result of its pink…

SARS-CoV-2 variant Alpha has a spike-dependent replication benefit over the ancestral B.a million pressure in human cells with low ACE2 expression By Daniela Niemeyer, Saskia Stenzel, Talitha Veith, Simon Schroeder, Kirstin Friedmann, Friderike Weege, Jakob Trimpert, Julian Heinze, Anja Richter, Jenny Jansen, Jackson Emanuel, Julia Kazmierski, Fabian Pott, Lara M. Jeworowski, Ruth Olmer, Mark-Christian Jaboreck, Beate Tenner, Jan Papies, Felix Walper, Marie L. Schmidt, Nicolas Heinemann, Elisabeth Möncke-Buchner, Morris Baumgardt, Karen Hoffmann, Marek Widera, Tran Thi Nhu Thao, Anita Balázs, Jessica Schulze, Christin Mache, Terry C. Jones, Markus Morkel, Sandra Ciesek, Leif G. Hanitsch, Marcus A. Mall, Andreas C. Hocke, Volker Thiel, Klaus Osterrieder, Thorsten Wolff, Ulrich Martin, Victor M. Corman, Marcel A. Müller, Christine Goffinet, Christian Drosten - 2 months ago

Epidemiological information demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 variants of outrage Alpha and Delta are extra transmissible, infectious and pathogenic than preceding variants, however their phenotypic houses stay understudied. A useful learn about of the Alpha variant identifies a s…

Excessive decision historical sedimentary DNA presentations that alpine plant range is related to human land use and local weather trade By Sandra Garcés-Pastor, Eric Coissac, Sébastien Lavergne, Christoph Schwörer, Jean-Paul Theurillat, Peter D. Heintzman, Owen S. Wangensteen, Willy Tinner, Fabian Rey, Martina Heer, Astrid Rutzer, Kevin Walsh, Youri Lammers, Antony G. Brown, Tomasz Goslar, Dilli P. Rijal, Dirk N. Karger, Loïc Pellissier, Charles Pouchon, Cristina Roquet, Wilfried Thuiller, Niklaus E. Zimmermann, Adriana Alberti, Patrick Wincker, Martí Boleda, Frédéric Boyer, Anthony Hombiat, Christophe Perrier, Rolland Douzet, Jean-Gabriel Valay, Serge Aubert, France Denoeud, Bruno Bzeznick, Ludovic Gielly, Pierre Taberlet, Delphine Rioux, Céline Orvain, Maxime Rome, Rafael O. Wüest, Sonia Latzin, John Spillmann, Linda Feichtinger, Jérémie Van Es, Luc Garraud, Jean-Charles Villaret, Sylvain Abdulhak, Véronique Bonnet, Stéphanie Huc, Noémie Fort, Thomas Legland, Thomas Sanz, Gilles Pache, Alexis Mikolajczak, Virgile Noble, Henri Michaud, Benoît Offerhaus, Cédric Dentant, Pierre Salomez, Richard Bonet, Thierry Delahaye, Marie-France Leccia, Monique Perfus, Stefan Eggenberg, Adrian Möhl, Bogdan-Iuliu Hurdu, Paul-Marian Szatmari, Mihai Pușcaș, Jan Smyčka, Patrik Mráz, Kristýna Šemberová, Michał Ronikier, Marek Slovák, Oliver Heiri, Inger Greve Alsos - 2 months ago

Right here, the authors use sedimentary DNA, pollen, fungal spores, chironomids, and microcharcoal from an alpine lake core to reconstruct flora throughout 12,000 years. They in finding that flora spoke back to local weather within the early Holocene, adopted by means of a shift to h…

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Convert CRC to GEL

1 CRC 0.00478 GEL
5 CRC 0.0239 GEL
10 CRC 0.0478 GEL
25 CRC 0.1195 GEL
50 CRC 0.239 GEL
100 CRC 0.478 GEL
250 CRC 1.195 GEL
500 CRC 2.39 GEL
1000 CRC 4.78 GEL
2000 CRC 9.56 GEL
5000 CRC 23.9 GEL
10000 CRC 47.8 GEL

Convert GEL to CRC

1 GEL 209.29025 CRC
5 GEL 1046.45125 CRC
10 GEL 2092.9025 CRC
25 GEL 5232.25625 CRC
50 GEL 10464.5125 CRC
100 GEL 20929.025 CRC
250 GEL 52322.5625 CRC
500 GEL 104645.125 CRC
1000 GEL 209290.25 CRC
2000 GEL 418580.5 CRC
5000 GEL 1046451.25 CRC
10000 GEL 2092902.5 CRC