HKD to DOP Currency Converter

1 HKD =
6.83637 DOP

HKD Overview

The Hong Kong Dollar is the currency of Hong Kong. The currency code for Hong Kong Dollar is HKD, as well as the ISO code, is "344", and the currency symbol is $, HK$. The Coins of Hong Kong are (HK$10, HK$1, HK$0.1, HK$5, HK$0.2, HK$2, HK$0.5) and Banknotes are (HK$50, HK$150, HK$20, HK$500, HK$100, HK$1000, HK$10). The central bank of Hong Kong is called the "Hong Kong Monetary Authority".

DOP Overview

The Dominican Peso is the currency of Dominican Republic. The currency code for Dominican Peso is DOP, as well as the ISO code, is "214", and the currency symbol is $, RD$. The Coins of Dominican Republic are ($25, $10, $1, $5) and Banknotes are ($100, $500, $2000, $1000, $50, $200). The central bank of Dominican Republic is called the "Central Bank of the Dominican Republic".


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All HKD and DOP Currency Pairs

Convert HKD to DOP

1 HKD 6.83637 DOP
5 HKD 34.18185 DOP
10 HKD 68.3637 DOP
25 HKD 170.90925 DOP
50 HKD 341.8185 DOP
100 HKD 683.637 DOP
250 HKD 1709.0925 DOP
500 HKD 3418.185 DOP
1000 HKD 6836.37 DOP
2000 HKD 13672.74 DOP
5000 HKD 34181.85 DOP
10000 HKD 68363.7 DOP

Convert DOP to HKD

1 DOP 0.14628 HKD
5 DOP 0.7314 HKD
10 DOP 1.4628 HKD
25 DOP 3.657 HKD
50 DOP 7.314 HKD
100 DOP 14.628 HKD
250 DOP 36.57 HKD
500 DOP 73.14 HKD
1000 DOP 146.28 HKD
2000 DOP 292.56 HKD
5000 DOP 731.4 HKD
10000 DOP 1462.8 HKD