ILS to GEL Currency Converter

1 ILS =
0.97107 GEL

ILS Overview

The Israeli Shekel is the currency of Israel. The currency code for Israeli Shekel is ILS, as well as the ISO code, is "376", and the currency symbol is ₪. The Coins of Israel are (₪5, ₪2, ₪1, 10 Agora, ₪10, ₪½) and Banknotes are (₪200, ₪100, ₪50, ₪20). The central bank of Israel is called the "Bank of Israel".

GEL Overview

The Georgian lari is the currency of Georgia. The currency code for Georgian lari is GEL, as well as the ISO code, is "981", and the currency symbol is ლ, GEL. The Coins of Georgia are (2 tetri, 10 tetri, 20 tetri, 50 tetri, 1 lari, 5 tetri, 2 lari, 1 tetri) and Banknotes are (100 lari, 50 lari, 5 lari, 10 lari, 20 lari). The central bank of Georgia is called the "National Bank of Georgia".


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All ILS and GEL Currency Pairs

Convert ILS to GEL

1 ILS 0.97107 GEL
5 ILS 4.85535 GEL
10 ILS 9.7107 GEL
25 ILS 24.27675 GEL
50 ILS 48.5535 GEL
100 ILS 97.107 GEL
250 ILS 242.7675 GEL
500 ILS 485.535 GEL
1000 ILS 971.07 GEL
2000 ILS 1942.14 GEL
5000 ILS 4855.35 GEL
10000 ILS 9710.7 GEL

Convert GEL to ILS

1 GEL 1.02979 ILS
5 GEL 5.14895 ILS
10 GEL 10.2979 ILS
25 GEL 25.74475 ILS
50 GEL 51.4895 ILS
100 GEL 102.979 ILS
250 GEL 257.4475 ILS
500 GEL 514.895 ILS
1000 GEL 1029.79 ILS
2000 GEL 2059.58 ILS
5000 GEL 5148.95 ILS
10000 GEL 10297.9 ILS