JPY RTS to NPR Currency Converter

1.1432 NPR

JPY RTS Overview

The Japanese Yen is the currency of Japan. The currency code for Japanese Yen is JPY RTS, as well as the ISO code, is "392", and the currency symbol is ¥, 円, 圓. The Coins of Japan are (JP¥500, JP¥10, JP¥100, JP¥50, JP¥1, JP¥5) and Banknotes are (JP¥10000, JP¥1000, JP¥2000, JP¥5000). The central bank of Japan is called the "Bank of Japan".

NPR Overview

The Nepalese Rupee is the currency of Nepal. The currency code for Nepalese Rupee is NPR, as well as the ISO code, is "524", and the currency symbol is Re., रू, Rs.. The Coins of Nepal are (रू2, रू1) and Banknotes are (रू500, रू5, रू50, रू20, रू1000, रू100, रू10). The central bank of Nepal is called the "Nepal Rastra Bank".

All JPY RTS and NPR Currency Pairs

JPY RTS (Japanese Yen)

Convert JPY RTS to NPR

1 JPY RTS 1.1432 NPR
5 JPY RTS 5.716 NPR
10 JPY RTS 11.432 NPR
25 JPY RTS 28.58 NPR
50 JPY RTS 57.16 NPR
100 JPY RTS 114.32 NPR
250 JPY RTS 285.8 NPR
500 JPY RTS 571.6 NPR
1000 JPY RTS 1143.2 NPR
2000 JPY RTS 2286.4 NPR
5000 JPY RTS 5716 NPR
10000 JPY RTS 11432 NPR

Convert NPR to JPY RTS

1 NPR 0.8748 JPY RTS
5 NPR 4.374 JPY RTS
10 NPR 8.748 JPY RTS
25 NPR 21.87 JPY RTS
50 NPR 43.74 JPY RTS
100 NPR 87.48 JPY RTS
250 NPR 218.7 JPY RTS
500 NPR 437.4 JPY RTS
1000 NPR 874.8 JPY RTS
2000 NPR 1749.6 JPY RTS
5000 NPR 4374 JPY RTS
10000 NPR 8748 JPY RTS