MOP to ZAR Currency Converter

1 MOP =
2.43257 ZAR

MOP Overview

The Macanese Pataca is the currency of Macau. The currency code for Macanese Pataca is MOP, as well as the ISO code, is "446", and the currency symbol is MOP$. The Coins of Macau are (MOP$1, 50 avos, 10 avos, MOP$5) and Banknotes are (MOP$1000, MOP$10, MOP$500, MOP$50, MOP$100, MOP$20). The central bank of Macau is called the "Monetary Authority of Macao".

ZAR Overview

The South African Rand is the currency of South Africa. The currency code for South African Rand is ZAR, as well as the ISO code, is "710", and the currency symbol is R. The Coins of South Africa are (10 euro cent coin, 20 cent euro coin, R1, 50c, R5, R2) and Banknotes are (R100, R200, R20, R10, R50). The central bank of South Africa is called the "South African Reserve Bank".


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All MOP and ZAR Currency Pairs

Convert MOP to ZAR

1 MOP 2.43257 ZAR
5 MOP 12.16285 ZAR
10 MOP 24.3257 ZAR
25 MOP 60.81425 ZAR
50 MOP 121.6285 ZAR
100 MOP 243.257 ZAR
250 MOP 608.1425 ZAR
500 MOP 1216.285 ZAR
1000 MOP 2432.57 ZAR
2000 MOP 4865.14 ZAR
5000 MOP 12162.85 ZAR
10000 MOP 24325.7 ZAR

Convert ZAR to MOP

1 ZAR 0.41109 MOP
5 ZAR 2.05545 MOP
10 ZAR 4.1109 MOP
25 ZAR 10.27725 MOP
50 ZAR 20.5545 MOP
100 ZAR 41.109 MOP
250 ZAR 102.7725 MOP
500 ZAR 205.545 MOP
1000 ZAR 411.09 MOP
2000 ZAR 822.18 MOP
5000 ZAR 2055.45 MOP
10000 ZAR 4110.9 MOP