NAD to NPR Currency Converter

1 NAD =
7.39085 NPR

NAD Overview

The Namibia Dollar is the currency of Namibia. The currency code for Namibia Dollar is NAD, as well as the ISO code, is "516", and the currency symbol is N$. The Coins of Namibia are (10 cents, $10, $1, 5 cents, 50 cents, $5) and Banknotes are ($100, $20, $10, $50, $200). The central bank of Namibia is called the "Bank of Namibia".

NPR Overview

The Nepalese Rupee is the currency of Nepal. The currency code for Nepalese Rupee is NPR, as well as the ISO code, is "524", and the currency symbol is Re., रू, Rs.. The Coins of Nepal are (रू2, रू1) and Banknotes are (रू500, रू5, रू50, रू20, रू1000, रू100, रू10). The central bank of Nepal is called the "Nepal Rastra Bank".


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All NAD and NPR Currency Pairs

Convert NAD to NPR

1 NAD 7.39085 NPR
5 NAD 36.95425 NPR
10 NAD 73.9085 NPR
25 NAD 184.77125 NPR
50 NAD 369.5425 NPR
100 NAD 739.085 NPR
250 NAD 1847.7125 NPR
500 NAD 3695.425 NPR
1000 NAD 7390.85 NPR
2000 NAD 14781.7 NPR
5000 NAD 36954.25 NPR
10000 NAD 73908.5 NPR

Convert NPR to NAD

1 NPR 0.1353 NAD
5 NPR 0.6765 NAD
10 NPR 1.353 NAD
25 NPR 3.3825 NAD
50 NPR 6.765 NAD
100 NPR 13.53 NAD
250 NPR 33.825 NAD
500 NPR 67.65 NAD
1000 NPR 135.3 NAD
2000 NPR 270.6 NAD
5000 NPR 676.5 NAD
10000 NPR 1353 NAD