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1 PEN =
4.56858 LSL

PEN Overview

The Peru Sol is the currency of Peru. The currency code for Peru Sol is PEN, as well as the ISO code, is "604", and the currency symbol is S/. The Coins of Peru are (1 sole, 20 céntimos, 50 céntimos, 5 soles, 10 céntimos, 5 céntimos, 2 soles) and Banknotes are (10 soles, 20 soles, 100 soles, 50 soles). The central bank of Peru is called the "Central Reserve Bank of Peru".

LSL Overview

The Lesotho loti is the currency of Kingdom of Lesotho. The currency code for Lesotho loti is LSL, as well as the ISO code, is "426", and the currency symbol is M, L. The Coins of Kingdom of Lesotho are (1 lisente, 50 lisente, 20 lisente, 2 lisente, M2, M5, 5 lisente, 10 lisente, L1) and Banknotes are (M200, M20, M10, M50, M100). The central bank of Kingdom of Lesotho is called the "Central Bank of Lesotho".


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All PEN and LSL Currency Pairs

Convert PEN to LSL

1 PEN 4.56858 LSL
5 PEN 22.8429 LSL
10 PEN 45.6858 LSL
25 PEN 114.2145 LSL
50 PEN 228.429 LSL
100 PEN 456.858 LSL
250 PEN 1142.145 LSL
500 PEN 2284.29 LSL
1000 PEN 4568.58 LSL
2000 PEN 9137.16 LSL
5000 PEN 22842.9 LSL
10000 PEN 45685.8 LSL

Convert LSL to PEN

1 LSL 0.21889 PEN
5 LSL 1.09445 PEN
10 LSL 2.1889 PEN
25 LSL 5.47225 PEN
50 LSL 10.9445 PEN
100 LSL 21.889 PEN
250 LSL 54.7225 PEN
500 LSL 109.445 PEN
1000 LSL 218.89 PEN
2000 LSL 437.78 PEN
5000 LSL 1094.45 PEN
10000 LSL 2188.9 PEN