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1 PHP =
258.736 IDR

PHP Overview

The Philippine Peso is the currency of Philippines. The currency code for Philippine Peso is PHP, as well as the ISO code, is "608", and the currency symbol is ₱. The Coins of Philippines are (₱10, ₱5, ₱1) and Banknotes are (₱20, ₱1000, ₱50, ₱500, ₱100). The central bank of Philippines is called the "Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas".

IDR Overview

The Indonesian Rupiah is the currency of Indonesia. The currency code for Indonesian Rupiah is IDR, as well as the ISO code, is "360", and the currency symbol is Rp. The Coins of Indonesia are (Rp 200, Rp 100, Rp 500, Rp 1000) and Banknotes are (Rp 50000, Rp 20000, Rp 10000, Rp 2000, Rp 1000, Rp 100000, Rp 5000). The central bank of Indonesia is called the "Bank Indonesia".


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Bearish bets on a number of Asian currencies hit a report excessive, pushed by way of a droop within the Chinese language yuan and a towering greenback as traders brace for extra Federal Reserve charge hikes, a Reuters Ballot chanced on.

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Common unlock date: August 29, 2022 | Closing revised: August 30, 2022  Excessive Vulnerabilities

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All PHP and IDR Currency Pairs

Convert PHP to IDR

1 PHP 258.736 IDR
5 PHP 1293.68 IDR
10 PHP 2587.36 IDR
25 PHP 6468.4 IDR
50 PHP 12936.8 IDR
100 PHP 25873.6 IDR
250 PHP 64684 IDR
500 PHP 129368 IDR
1000 PHP 258736 IDR
2000 PHP 517472 IDR
5000 PHP 1293680 IDR
10000 PHP 2587360 IDR

Convert IDR to PHP

1 IDR 0.0039 PHP
5 IDR 0.0195 PHP
10 IDR 0.039 PHP
25 IDR 0.0975 PHP
50 IDR 0.195 PHP
100 IDR 0.39 PHP
250 IDR 0.975 PHP
500 IDR 1.95 PHP
1000 IDR 3.9 PHP
2000 IDR 7.8 PHP
5000 IDR 19.5 PHP
10000 IDR 39 PHP