SEK to INR Currency Converter

1 SEK =
7.80443 INR

SEK Overview

The Swedish Krona is the currency of Sweden. The currency code for Swedish Krona is SEK, as well as the ISO code, is "752", and the currency symbol is kr. The Coins of Sweden are (5 Kr, 10 Kr, 1 Kr) and Banknotes are (500 kr, 100 kr, 50 kr, 20 kr, 200 kr). The central bank of Sweden is called the "Sveriges Riksbank".

INR Overview

The Indian Rupee is the currency of India. The currency code for Indian Rupee is INR, as well as the ISO code, is "356", and the currency symbol is ₹. The Coins of India are (One rupee, Indian 10-rupee coin, Indian 5-rupee coin, Indian 2-rupee coin) and Banknotes are (Indian 2000-rupee note, Indian 10-rupee note, MORE). The central bank of India is called the "Reserve Bank of India".


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All SEK and INR Currency Pairs

Convert SEK to INR

1 SEK 7.80443 INR
5 SEK 39.02215 INR
10 SEK 78.0443 INR
25 SEK 195.11075 INR
50 SEK 390.2215 INR
100 SEK 780.443 INR
250 SEK 1951.1075 INR
500 SEK 3902.215 INR
1000 SEK 7804.43 INR
2000 SEK 15608.86 INR
5000 SEK 39022.15 INR
10000 SEK 78044.3 INR

Convert INR to SEK

1 INR 0.12813 SEK
5 INR 0.64065 SEK
10 INR 1.2813 SEK
25 INR 3.20325 SEK
50 INR 6.4065 SEK
100 INR 12.813 SEK
250 INR 32.0325 SEK
500 INR 64.065 SEK
1000 INR 128.13 SEK
2000 INR 256.26 SEK
5000 INR 640.65 SEK
10000 INR 1281.3 SEK