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5 Best WordPress Themes For Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are so popular now that everyone wants to get themselves involved in this newly rising currency market. As a result, many bloggers and professional content creators are now trying to publish their content on their websites. 

But a professional cryptocurrency website needs proper design relating to the content that it uploads. That is where the WordPress themes come in. The WordPress themes offer countless features and plugins for all types of website creation. 

Some cryptocurrency WordPress themes will help you provide a professional touch to your cryptocurrency website. You can look at the WordPress themes for cryptocurrency websites that I have listed in this article. 

Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

Here are the five best WordPress themes for designing a cryptocurrency website.


This multi-purpose cryptocurrency WordPress theme offers a lot to website owners. You can choose from the six different homepage layouts and variations. In addition, the article provides flexibility for website owners. You can customize the pre-built content on the Cryption theme based on your requirements.

The flexibility of the Cryption theme will help you create any website. For example, you can create a cryptocurrency services website using Cryption. Also, a set of blog templates will help you create a cryptocurrency blog on WordPress and add a blog to another cryptocurrency website. 

Cryption provides you with a premium page builder tool, which means that you are not limited to the standard WordPress customization. Header layout change, font adjustment, customizing the color selection are all available in Cryption. 

Price: $39


Using Crypton, a website owner can create various cryptocurrency websites like cryptocurrency blogs, cryptocurrency services, and even cryptocurrency magazines. Furthermore, since the theme offers different website versions, the possibility for versatility is there.

Lots of design options and pre-built features come with Crypton. In addition, there are multiple demos to choose from; you can design your website depending on the Crypton demo that you prefer. 

The essential features of Crypton are its flexible colors and Typography, all-in-one cryptocurrency plugin, interactive ajax search, themeREX donation, etc. In addition, there are four different website demos in the Crypton theme package. 

Price: $49


The Blockchain theme is best for ICO, cryptocurrency blogs, and websites. The business-focused WordPress theme is a product by the CSSIgniter team. The theme is famous for providing both high-quality design and an efficient user experience.

The Blockchain themes focus more on the business aspect of web designing. But there are some of the best cryptocurrency features in the theme package.

A significant tool of one of those features is the cryptocurrency exchange rate tool. If you are building a website about cryptocurrency exchange rates, then this blockchain WordPress theme tool will help you.

Blockchain WordPress theme offers custom widgets, custom header options to create your unique cryptocurrency web design. If you are looking for a highly professional website design, then Blockchain maybe your WordPress Theme. 

Price: $34


The demos of Divi are very stylish and are great for designing cryptocurrency websites. In addition, there are seven templates of the Divi cryptocurrency layout pack, which also include feature-packed home and landing page layouts. 

The rest of the templates cover the about, services pages, contact, and remaining features your website may need. 

Divi theme has its integrated page-building tool. And the layouts are straightforward to edit for the creation of a unique new cryptocurrency website design. You also get access to other 200+ website packages. 

You can customize the header, footer, sidebar, and archive template of your website. If you are looking for a WordPress theme with versatility, then Divi is the best for you.

Price: $89


There are two varieties of the Cryptro theme. This theme is rich in features. On the other hand, the design and features of the Cryptro WordPress theme are very modern. There are only two main designs to choose from in Cryptro, and you can import only one of them.

The two variables in the Cryptro WordPress themes are completely opposite from each other. One of them is a bright theme; another is darker. The dual-tone of this theme is likable to many. Alongside the two main demos, there are other options for the Cryptro theme. 

The other templates also provide a wide variety of customization options. This theme is also great for cryptocurrency blogging site design.

Price: $57


Designing a cryptocurrency website can be challenging for so many. You certainly want to achieve a professional result with the design. But, the WordPress themes make it easy for you. There are many other themes like Javelin, Crypton, Bitunet, Pursuit, etc. 

All these themes are great for designing any cryptocurrency website that you desire to create. However, the five themes mentioned here are the best and are priced at a meager range.

Did you like any of these themes? Would you please share your opinion?

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