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TOP 5 Best Yahoo Stock API Alternatives in 2020

The Yahoo Finance API has been a reliable tool for a long time for all those investors who use data-driven. Several have trusted on their actual time data-flow and have made clean trading applications. Unfortunately, one day Yahoo determined to suspend their service and smacked a massive price-tag on taking data from them. Thankfully, the earth has not stopped moving, and there are outstanding modern APIs that can provide you first-class financial data (primarily) for free!

Let’s figure out the 5 best Yahoo Stock API alternatives in 202 as below:


Forex Currency Stock is delighted to declare its recent Stock API named FCS API. Without any delay later they launched it, with numberless people who are subscribing it particularly for utilizing the data for their technical investigation. You will notice the design has been formerly tested like that in such a way that a large number of requests can be managed smoothly as per second. It is consonant with the Firefox browser, so you will be able to keep all the library index you indeed want and implement them everyday use, free for using and openly accessible API. The FCS API might be swiftly accessible for all account statistics, orders, stances, properties, and much more. V2 Indicators API was published earlier, supplied and recovers V1 of the API. Despite that, V1 API terms will be no more effective. If you aspire to apply the V2 API subsequently you have to fix the V2 in the call for quick consumption of the data. 

2-   Alpha Vantage API

Alpha Vantage is amongst the best of all 5 technical Stock APIs, for forex trading that contains business advisors, researchers and, engineers who are tight-knit to the cause. Alpha Vantage is between top-ranked companies that offer free real-time APIs, digital-crypto currencies, Forex and historical data on stocks, specialized in technological researches and exact historical information. Alpha Vantage APIs are categorized into four kinds; The Sector Performances, Technical API Indicators, Stock times series data, and Physical Cryptocurrency. Here the API information is based on all historical stock API backgrounds that used to provide on daily, weekly and monthly bases. Alpha Vantage offers free accessibility to online data whereas you exceeding its limit that charges you a premium package, very affordable in all senses.

3-   Intrinio API

Intrinio API is fourth within the list of Stock APIs for stock forex trading. It’s a financial market place where you’ll find real-time, intraday historical data on the premium subscription basis. The aim is to style construct and run important business strategies. It’s a huge platform that gives information about 150 currencies, the changes and therefore the traditions these currencies follow. Additionally, it’s ready to provide insights and knowledge every 90 seconds. Intrinio is specially designed for the people seeking investments or the people looking forward to their startup plans. Intrinio arranges the investment a startup plan needs and makes sure that there appears no hurdle within the way.

Stock Prices API has the best packages in its premium subscription; if you stay within the Intrinio free limit, you’ll need to pay not even one penny for receiving API calls per month. Within the basic package, you’ll need to pay 10$ a month for a subscription and you’ll be receiving 90.000 API calls per month. In Pro package, you’ll need to pay 45$ to urge a subscription and you’ll receive 450.000 API calls per month.

 4-   Xignite API

Xignite API is one of the leading campaigns within the world of the stock exchange API. The high-cost legacy and rigidity among the market are very unsustainable and this is often well acknowledged by Xignite. This API may be a vital platform where unique data consumption and market management are unified. It presents an ample opportunity to optimize, manage and control the real-time and data references across traditional markets. Xignite’s mobile data and APIs have set a milestone for 12 years now.

The APIs of Xignite is the best platform for data management and historical data about global markets. Xignite provides quality among data within the market because it is sponsored by big companies like Fact set and Morningstar and Xignite also curates its own data.

APIs introduced by Xignite is that the fastest and easiest method to start out up new applications to refill the loopholes in data-hungry markets. It’s reported to supply a source of 250 global institutions. APIs are that much scalable that you simply can hit them easily without being throttled. Xignite is just too and specialist in providing integrated APIs for reference financial and historic data.

5-   Yahoo Finance API

The Yahoo Finance API provides access to the present data to question all information about; finance summaries, stocks, quotes, movers, charts from the Yahoo Finance official website. Getting access to the Yahoo Finance API on Rapid API is fairly easy. It takes about 3 minutes: First, you’ll need a Rapid API developer account. Check-in today, it’s free! Second, head over to the Yahoo Finance API pricing page and choose a pricing plan. Hint: There’s a basic free tier that permits up to 500 free API calls per month.

Lastly, return to the API endpoints page, select any endpoint, & click “Test Endpoint.” The Yahoo Finance API has 4 endpoints; market/get-summary, market/get-movers, market/get-quotes and market/get-charts. This endpoint allows you to urge real-time live market summary information during a specific region at that given time. This endpoint retrieves the day’s gainers, losers, and actives within a given region.

For each category, the endpoint returns totals, specific quotes, and other information for that region. This API Endpoint returns all relevant information for a selected stock quote or groups of stock quotes specified by the symbol. For every quote, it returns; language, region, quote type, exchange, market, post-market information.

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