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What is the best website for Forex signals?


A famous term these days known as Forex signals which represent the market trend indications in real-time. Both the traders of the novice and professional standards use these trading signals. Most of the types of forex signals include the position type (sell or buy) as well as stop the less levels and take profit levels. In other words, these signals are referred to as techniques followed by forex traders to decide whether to buy or sell a pair of currency at any given period of time. Some Forex trading signals are considered free and those which are at the pro level are charged some fee. These forex signals are considered as a suggestion for entering a trade for a pair of currency.

The generation of signals is based on automated circuits or human analysis. The automated sources include forex trading robots that are supplied to subscribers of forex trading services. Another feature of these signals is these are usually communicated via email, tweet, RSS and other relatively quick methods and this predicts its time nature of the response.

Types Of Services Provided

The types of services provided by forex trading signals are as follows:

Free Signals:

Forex trading signals are totally free and unpaid. They totally are considered for the convenience of the traders so that they can see and experience the trends being followed in the market.


Paid forex signals which are provided by one source are generated by the algorithmic analysis and personal analysis. The automated computer signals are designed to represent the forex live rates so that they can provide the users or traders with all the specifics they require and live forex data.

Double Source Aggregation:

Forex signals are also considered paid when they are aggregated from double sources or double systems.

Expert Advisory:

The expert advisory is also an important aspect provided by Forex exchange signals. Forex trader robots are installed in trader’s computers so that they can receive the forex signals in the nick of time providing the users with live forex quotes.


The methodology of forex live rates streaming is represented as most of the signal providers focus the provision of signals which are based on technical analysis and minor of the price action or the fundamental analysis. Both short and long term pricing trends are projected by technical analysis such as candlestick charting and Ichimoku. These pricing trends serve as a provider for flexibility in supplying a suitable range for trading options. Fx price action is another pro that is designed to give short term trade ideas that are often more suited to the scalping method.

Features Offered By Forex Signals Providers

The typical and useful features provided by forex trading signals are as follows:

Supporting Elements:

Forex trading signals provide traders and users with supporting elements. These supporting elements include data charts, supporting graphs, forex live chart and critical analysis for the signals.

Useful Trading History:

These trading signals also provide the traders and businessmen with useful trading history and the trends being followed in that era. This trading history involves a number of pips ( profit/loss per month), the actual trades, live currency rates, and the win/loss ratio. It may also be noted that in the case of forex trading robots this information may be shown as back-tested results.


Coaching is another important aspect of using forex trading signals. One to one coaching and additional interaction with the signal providers are the inclusions of the coaching part of the forex trading signals. This may include forums, tweets, and comments, etc.

Account Management:

An important feature of the forex signal providers is account management of the subscriber. This account management includes trading management and intake/outgoing management.

Free Trial Period:

The last thing fx pricing is the platform that provides forex trading signal is free of cost trial period. They let the traders use their services for a specific period of time and provide you with the option to decide whether they want to subscribe to the services or not.

Now, the thing to discuss is whether these forex trading signals are worth it or not. So, as we have stated above they are definitely going to benefit you because they look after your money, time and resources. So, If you want to learn and practice forex signals, you should definitely go for membership of forex trading signals.

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