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Which is the Best Stock API, Provider? Where can I get a Stock Market API?

FCS API has been working in forex marketing by giving all the compulsory and important data. Forex has become the most famous trading program than other trading platforms. It is a famous stock exchange api provider that gives real-time and past data for stocks, forex, and digital/cryptocurrency data. The API is used by designers and analysts in a similar way. Many of the customers we saw for this source were those people who required free financial data API to make apps or analysis devices. Signing up for an account receives you your own API key and is free, quite painless, and is available for life. 

Stock market data APIs provide actual-time or historical data on financial property that are presently being dealing in the markets. These APIs normally give prices of public stocks, ETFs, ETNs. These data can be used for creating technical indicators which are the base to make trading plans and observe the market.

Why FCS API Best for You?

FCS API gives actual time, historical end of day and intraday stock api data also as real time period. This API is committed to supplying quick, simple access to global financial data. With over 40 years of historical data, hundreds of real time stock quotes per request and live intraday data, it provides the most broad, affordable and systematic suite of APIs for worldwide stock data.

For a designer, he can work in any programming language to hit on API URL. He can use PHP (Curl or file get content), JavaScript (Ajax), Android (Http URL Connection) or JAVA, C# (Http Web Request) or CURL. The users will be capable of getting a reply in the form of standard JSON. Many endpoints are the source to receive an API and they all perform duties to different use cases. The use of the endpoint is to get the newest market exchange rate data that applies to all or a particular set of currencies.

You need an access key in sequence to access our database. Your access Key is the special key that is moved into the API base URL’s access key parameter in sequence to verify with this API.

The FCS API Stock Prices API gives the end of day prices (EOD) from the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Pakistan. The data is accessible from the most current near trading and historically back, open, close, high and low and volume are available in addition to adjusted costs for breaks and dividends. Exchange Data International proves the prices for release at the end of the trading day on the exchange, making them accessible through this API and Excel add-in.

People can access all past prices for trade with an easy syntax. Investors can drag the data into Excel so that it will renew in their spreadsheet each day. Conversation help and tutorials are available to get you to begin. This data feed was developed to make it easy and low cost to track the whole exchange using your preferred access procedure.

We give help both via email and Intercom. Normally we answer in several minutes and solve 99.99% of data issues within 24 hours. We work seven days per week.

We have fifteen plus providers for our data feeds to cover the high number of exchanges and give more safety data. Sometimes we often use several data providers to differentiate data against separate sources and convey the best. From historical stock API earnings (also known as EPS or Earnings per Share) reports are very essential data for all investors and traders. We do give this data in our Fundamental API.

How we get a stock market API?

Most forex data providers force you to compromise: you can either get really fast data through a FIX connection (aka a firehose) for thousands per month, or you can get slow data in the website. With 1Forge, you can have the best of both worlds: the speed of FIX connection and the ease of use that comes with a FCS API all at a reasonable price.

And our Volatility Index shows the present volatility (High or Low), or the trend of it for the coming time. It is updated every 05 minutes, analyst rating, investor point of view and more.

FCS API has a large amount of stock data. This data is divided into many databases, each covering a separate subject. Most databases are free and simple to use. A few “premium” databases are accessible only to paying subscribers.

We would say FCS API is best. The data isn’t free, but it’s extremely affordable, accurate, and the stock API is blazing fast. Furthermore, you can check out the data with a free API trial.

However, you don’t have to delay to begin using the data, just make a free account, take a trial of whichever feed you are interested in and there are more than 200 feeds available via API to select from and begin using the data.

This API currently offers low-cost Real-Time stock prices.  You can access it via Web Socket, or Web API. No other firm offers this data via Web Socket which is especially supportive as you only require some lines of code to apply.

Our company gives a substantial quantity of financial data about a specific company, like Real-time stock price, Historical stock prices etc., it has long been a good tool for many of the data-driven investors. Many have relied on their real-time data-motion and have made neat trading applications. It also gives a great option to get market data. FCS API is a small, but the fast-increasing index, giving a new specialized view at the volatile, dark, and unapproachable market for the average trader. This API was created in response to doubtful trading practices that had become generally used across traditional public Wall Street exchanges.


With FCS API, computers can manage work easily. And all big and small companies can upgrade systems to make them faster and more productive, can be accessed the application elements, the delivery of services and information is more adjustable. With this API an application sheet can be designed which can be used to distribute services to new audiences.

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