AED to INR Currency Converter

1 AED =
20.4 INR

AED Overview

The UAE Dirham is the currency of United Arab Emirates. The currency code for UAE Dirham is AED, as well as the ISO code, is "784", and the currency symbol is د.إ. The Coins of United Arab Emirates are (فلس50, د.إ1) and Banknotes are (د.إ500, د.إ10, د.إ100, د.إ5, د.إ20, د.إ50, د.إ200). The central bank of United Arab Emirates is called the "Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates".

INR Overview

The Indian Rupee is the currency of India. The currency code for Indian Rupee is INR, as well as the ISO code, is "356", and the currency symbol is ₹. The Coins of India are (One rupee, Indian 10-rupee coin, Indian 5-rupee coin, Indian 2-rupee coin) and Banknotes are (Indian 2000-rupee note, Indian 10-rupee note, MORE). The central bank of India is called the "Reserve Bank of India".


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All AED and INR Currency Pairs

Convert AED to INR

1 AED 20.4 INR
5 AED 102 INR
10 AED 204 INR
25 AED 510 INR
50 AED 1020 INR
100 AED 2040 INR
250 AED 5100 INR
500 AED 10200 INR
1000 AED 20400 INR
2000 AED 40800 INR
5000 AED 102000 INR
10000 AED 204000 INR

Convert INR to AED

1 INR 0.049 AED
5 INR 0.245 AED
10 INR 0.49 AED
25 INR 1.225 AED
50 INR 2.45 AED
100 INR 4.9 AED
250 INR 12.25 AED
500 INR 24.5 AED
1000 INR 49 AED
2000 INR 98 AED
5000 INR 245 AED
10000 INR 490 AED