AED to MMK Currency Converter

1 AED =
571.80666 MMK

AED Overview

The UAE Dirham is the currency of United Arab Emirates. The currency code for UAE Dirham is AED, as well as the ISO code, is "784", and the currency symbol is د.إ. The Coins of United Arab Emirates are (فلس50, د.إ1) and Banknotes are (د.إ500, د.إ10, د.إ100, د.إ5, د.إ20, د.إ50, د.إ200). The central bank of United Arab Emirates is called the "Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates".

MMK Overview

The Myanmar Kyat is the currency of Myanmar. The currency code for Myanmar Kyat is MMK, as well as the ISO code, is "104", and the currency symbol is K. The Coins of Myanmar are (K5, K1, K10, K100, K50) and Banknotes are (K100, K50, K500, K5000, K5, K10, K20, K200, K1000, K10000). The central bank of Myanmar is called the "Central Bank of Myanmar".


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All AED and MMK Currency Pairs

Convert AED to MMK

1 AED 571.80666 MMK
5 AED 2859.0333 MMK
10 AED 5718.0666 MMK
25 AED 14295.1665 MMK
50 AED 28590.333 MMK
100 AED 57180.666 MMK
250 AED 142951.665 MMK
500 AED 285903.33 MMK
1000 AED 571806.66 MMK
2000 AED 1143613.32 MMK
5000 AED 2859033.3 MMK
10000 AED 5718066.6 MMK

Convert MMK to AED

1 MMK 0.00175 AED
5 MMK 0.00875 AED
10 MMK 0.0175 AED
25 MMK 0.04375 AED
50 MMK 0.0875 AED
100 MMK 0.175 AED
250 MMK 0.4375 AED
500 MMK 0.875 AED
1000 MMK 1.75 AED
2000 MMK 3.5 AED
5000 MMK 8.75 AED
10000 MMK 17.5 AED