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1 ANG =
35.08084 GMD

ANG Overview

The Antilles Guilder is the currency of Netherlands Antilles. The currency code for Antilles Guilder is ANG, as well as the ISO code, is "532", and the currency symbol is NAƒ, NAf, ƒ, f. The Coins of Netherlands Antilles are (ƒ2 1 ⁄ 2, 10 cents, ƒ1, 1 cent, 5 cents, ƒ5, 50 cents, 25 cents) and Banknotes are (ƒ25, ƒ100, ƒ10, ƒ50). The central bank of Netherlands Antilles is called the "Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten".

GMD Overview

The Gambian Dalasi is the currency of Gambia. The currency code for Gambian Dalasi is GMD, as well as the ISO code, is "270", and the currency symbol is D. The Coins of Gambia are (10 bututs, 5 bututs, 1 butut, 1 dalasi, 25 bututs, 50 bututs) and Banknotes are (50 dalasis, 5 dalasis, 10 dalasis, 25 dalasis, 200 dalasis, 20 dalasis, 100 dalasis). The central bank of Gambia is called the "Central Bank of The Gambia".


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All ANG and GMD Currency Pairs

Convert ANG to GMD

1 ANG 35.08084 GMD
5 ANG 175.4042 GMD
10 ANG 350.8084 GMD
25 ANG 877.021 GMD
50 ANG 1754.042 GMD
100 ANG 3508.084 GMD
250 ANG 8770.21 GMD
500 ANG 17540.42 GMD
1000 ANG 35080.84 GMD
2000 ANG 70161.68 GMD
5000 ANG 175404.2 GMD
10000 ANG 350808.4 GMD

Convert GMD to ANG

1 GMD 0.02851 ANG
5 GMD 0.14255 ANG
10 GMD 0.2851 ANG
25 GMD 0.71275 ANG
50 GMD 1.4255 ANG
100 GMD 2.851 ANG
250 GMD 7.1275 ANG
500 GMD 14.255 ANG
1000 GMD 28.51 ANG
2000 GMD 57.02 ANG
5000 GMD 142.55 ANG
10000 GMD 285.1 ANG