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1 ANG =
45.59818 INR

ANG Overview

The Antilles Guilder is the currency of Netherlands Antilles. The currency code for Antilles Guilder is ANG, as well as the ISO code, is "532", and the currency symbol is NAƒ, NAf, ƒ, f. The Coins of Netherlands Antilles are (ƒ2 1 ⁄ 2, 10 cents, ƒ1, 1 cent, 5 cents, ƒ5, 50 cents, 25 cents) and Banknotes are (ƒ25, ƒ100, ƒ10, ƒ50). The central bank of Netherlands Antilles is called the "Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten".

INR Overview

The Indian Rupee is the currency of India. The currency code for Indian Rupee is INR, as well as the ISO code, is "356", and the currency symbol is ₹. The Coins of India are (One rupee, Indian 10-rupee coin, Indian 5-rupee coin, Indian 2-rupee coin) and Banknotes are (Indian 2000-rupee note, Indian 10-rupee note, MORE). The central bank of India is called the "Reserve Bank of India".


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All ANG and INR Currency Pairs

Convert ANG to INR

1 ANG 45.59818 INR
5 ANG 227.9909 INR
10 ANG 455.9818 INR
25 ANG 1139.9545 INR
50 ANG 2279.909 INR
100 ANG 4559.818 INR
250 ANG 11399.545 INR
500 ANG 22799.09 INR
1000 ANG 45598.18 INR
2000 ANG 91196.36 INR
5000 ANG 227990.9 INR
10000 ANG 455981.8 INR

Convert INR to ANG

1 INR 0.02193 ANG
5 INR 0.10965 ANG
10 INR 0.2193 ANG
25 INR 0.54825 ANG
50 INR 1.0965 ANG
100 INR 2.193 ANG
250 INR 5.4825 ANG
500 INR 10.965 ANG
1000 INR 21.93 ANG
2000 INR 43.86 ANG
5000 INR 109.65 ANG
10000 INR 219.3 ANG