ETB to RON Currency Converter

1 ETB =
0.08208 RON

ETB Overview

The Ethiopian Birr is the currency of Ethiopia. The currency code for Ethiopian Birr is ETB, as well as the ISO code, is "230", and the currency symbol is ብር, Br. The Coins of Ethiopia are (10 santim, 50 santim, 1 Birr, 1 santim, 5 santim, 25 santim) and Banknotes are (10 birr, 1 birr, 100 birr, 50 birr, 5 birr). The central bank of Ethiopia is called the "National Bank of Ethiopia".

RON Overview

The Romanian New Leu is the currency of Romania. The currency code for Romanian New Leu is RON, as well as the ISO code, is "", and the currency symbol is lei. The Coins of Romania are (Five bani, Fifty bani, 10 bani) and Banknotes are (One leu, Five lei, Ten lei, Two hundred lei, Fifty lei, One hundred lei). The central bank of Romania is called the "National Bank of Romania".


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All ETB and RON Currency Pairs

Convert ETB to RON

1 ETB 0.08208 RON
5 ETB 0.4104 RON
10 ETB 0.8208 RON
25 ETB 2.052 RON
50 ETB 4.104 RON
100 ETB 8.208 RON
250 ETB 20.52 RON
500 ETB 41.04 RON
1000 ETB 82.08 RON
2000 ETB 164.16 RON
5000 ETB 410.4 RON
10000 ETB 820.8 RON

Convert RON to ETB

1 RON 12.18342 ETB
5 RON 60.9171 ETB
10 RON 121.8342 ETB
25 RON 304.5855 ETB
50 RON 609.171 ETB
100 RON 1218.342 ETB
250 RON 3045.855 ETB
500 RON 6091.71 ETB
1000 RON 12183.42 ETB
2000 RON 24366.84 ETB
5000 RON 60917.1 ETB
10000 RON 121834.2 ETB