RON to CUP Currency Converter

1 RON =
4.7528 CUP

RON Overview

The Romanian New Leu is the currency of Romania. The currency code for Romanian New Leu is RON, as well as the ISO code, is "", and the currency symbol is lei. The Coins of Romania are (Five bani, Fifty bani, 10 bani) and Banknotes are (One leu, Five lei, Ten lei, Two hundred lei, Fifty lei, One hundred lei). The central bank of Romania is called the "National Bank of Romania".

CUP Overview

The Cuban Peso is the currency of Cuba. The currency code for Cuban Peso is CUP, as well as the ISO code, is "192", and the currency symbol is $, $MN, ₱. The Coins of Cuba are ($1, 20¢, $3) and Banknotes are ($100, $20, $3, $10, $500, $50, $5, $200, $1). The central bank of Cuba is called the "Central Bank of Cuba".


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All RON and CUP Currency Pairs

Convert RON to CUP

1 RON 4.7528 CUP
5 RON 23.764 CUP
10 RON 47.528 CUP
25 RON 118.82 CUP
50 RON 237.64 CUP
100 RON 475.28 CUP
250 RON 1188.2 CUP
500 RON 2376.4 CUP
1000 RON 4752.8 CUP
2000 RON 9505.6 CUP
5000 RON 23764 CUP
10000 RON 47528 CUP

Convert CUP to RON

1 CUP 0.2104 RON
5 CUP 1.052 RON
10 CUP 2.104 RON
25 CUP 5.26 RON
50 CUP 10.52 RON
100 CUP 21.04 RON
250 CUP 52.6 RON
500 CUP 105.2 RON
1000 CUP 210.4 RON
2000 CUP 420.8 RON
5000 CUP 1052 RON
10000 CUP 2104 RON