GBP to BRL Currency Converter

1 GBP =
6.19052 BRL

GBP Overview

The British Pound is the currency of United Kingdom. The currency code for British Pound is GBP, as well as the ISO code, is "826", and the currency symbol is £. The Coins of United Kingdom are (Ten pence, Twenty pence, Two pence, Penny, £1, 50p, £2, 5p) and Banknotes are (£5, £10, £20, £50). The central bank of United Kingdom is called the "Bank of England".

BRL Overview

The Brazilian Real is the currency of Brazil. The currency code for Brazilian Real is BRL, as well as the ISO code, is "986", and the currency symbol is R$. The Coins of Brazil are (R$1, 10 centavos, 5 centavos, 25 centavos, 50 centavos) and Banknotes are (R$100, R$2, R$50, R$10, R$5, R$20). The central bank of Brazil is called the "Central Bank of Brazil".


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All GBP and BRL Currency Pairs

Convert GBP to BRL

1 GBP 6.19052 BRL
5 GBP 30.9526 BRL
10 GBP 61.9052 BRL
25 GBP 154.763 BRL
50 GBP 309.526 BRL
100 GBP 619.052 BRL
250 GBP 1547.63 BRL
500 GBP 3095.26 BRL
1000 GBP 6190.52 BRL
2000 GBP 12381.04 BRL
5000 GBP 30952.6 BRL
10000 GBP 61905.2 BRL

Convert BRL to GBP

1 BRL 0.16154 GBP
5 BRL 0.8077 GBP
10 BRL 1.6154 GBP
25 BRL 4.0385 GBP
50 BRL 8.077 GBP
100 BRL 16.154 GBP
250 BRL 40.385 GBP
500 BRL 80.77 GBP
1000 BRL 161.54 GBP
2000 BRL 323.08 GBP
5000 BRL 807.7 GBP
10000 BRL 1615.4 GBP