GBP to MOP Currency Converter

1 GBP =
8.63337 MOP

GBP Overview

The British Pound is the currency of United Kingdom. The currency code for British Pound is GBP, as well as the ISO code, is "826", and the currency symbol is £. The Coins of United Kingdom are (Ten pence, Twenty pence, Two pence, Penny, £1, 50p, £2, 5p) and Banknotes are (£5, £10, £20, £50). The central bank of United Kingdom is called the "Bank of England".

MOP Overview

The Macanese Pataca is the currency of Macau. The currency code for Macanese Pataca is MOP, as well as the ISO code, is "446", and the currency symbol is MOP$. The Coins of Macau are (MOP$1, 50 avos, 10 avos, MOP$5) and Banknotes are (MOP$1000, MOP$10, MOP$500, MOP$50, MOP$100, MOP$20). The central bank of Macau is called the "Monetary Authority of Macao".


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All GBP and MOP Currency Pairs

Convert GBP to MOP

1 GBP 8.63337 MOP
5 GBP 43.16685 MOP
10 GBP 86.3337 MOP
25 GBP 215.83425 MOP
50 GBP 431.6685 MOP
100 GBP 863.337 MOP
250 GBP 2158.3425 MOP
500 GBP 4316.685 MOP
1000 GBP 8633.37 MOP
2000 GBP 17266.74 MOP
5000 GBP 43166.85 MOP
10000 GBP 86333.7 MOP

Convert MOP to GBP

1 MOP 0.11583 GBP
5 MOP 0.57915 GBP
10 MOP 1.1583 GBP
25 MOP 2.89575 GBP
50 MOP 5.7915 GBP
100 MOP 11.583 GBP
250 MOP 28.9575 GBP
500 MOP 57.915 GBP
1000 MOP 115.83 GBP
2000 MOP 231.66 GBP
5000 MOP 579.15 GBP
10000 MOP 1158.3 GBP