MAD to BOB Currency Converter

1 MAD =
0.68237 BOB

MAD Overview

The Moroccan Dirham is the currency of Morocco. The currency code for Moroccan Dirham is MAD, as well as the ISO code, is "504", and the currency symbol is MAD. The Coins of Morocco are (2 dirhams, 1 santimat, 5 dirhams, 1 dirham, ½ dirhams, 20 santimat, 5 santimat, 10 dirhams, 10 santimat) and Banknotes are (100 dirhams, 200 dirhams, 50 dirhams, 20 dirhams). The central bank of Morocco is called the "Bank Al Maghrib".

BOB Overview

The Bolivian Boliviano is the currency of Bolivia. The currency code for Bolivian Boliviano is BOB, as well as the ISO code, is "68", and the currency symbol is Bs., Bs. The Coins of Bolivia are (10, Bs. 5, Cvs. 20, Bs. 1, Bs. 2, Cvs. 50) and Banknotes are (Bs. 100, Bs. 200, Bs. 50, Bs. 20, Bs. 10). The central bank of Bolivia is called the "Central Bank of Bolivia".


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All MAD and BOB Currency Pairs

Convert MAD to BOB

1 MAD 0.68237 BOB
5 MAD 3.41185 BOB
10 MAD 6.8237 BOB
25 MAD 17.05925 BOB
50 MAD 34.1185 BOB
100 MAD 68.237 BOB
250 MAD 170.5925 BOB
500 MAD 341.185 BOB
1000 MAD 682.37 BOB
2000 MAD 1364.74 BOB
5000 MAD 3411.85 BOB
10000 MAD 6823.7 BOB

Convert BOB to MAD

1 BOB 1.46548 MAD
5 BOB 7.3274 MAD
10 BOB 14.6548 MAD
25 BOB 36.637 MAD
50 BOB 73.274 MAD
100 BOB 146.548 MAD
250 BOB 366.37 MAD
500 BOB 732.74 MAD
1000 BOB 1465.48 MAD
2000 BOB 2930.96 MAD
5000 BOB 7327.4 MAD
10000 BOB 14654.8 MAD