MAD to PKR Currency Converter

1 MAD =
21.01833 PKR

MAD Overview

The Moroccan Dirham is the currency of Morocco. The currency code for Moroccan Dirham is MAD, as well as the ISO code, is "504", and the currency symbol is MAD. The Coins of Morocco are (2 dirhams, 1 santimat, 5 dirhams, 1 dirham, ½ dirhams, 20 santimat, 5 santimat, 10 dirhams, 10 santimat) and Banknotes are (100 dirhams, 200 dirhams, 50 dirhams, 20 dirhams). The central bank of Morocco is called the "Bank Al Maghrib".

PKR Overview

The Pakistani Rupee is the currency of Pakistan. The currency code for Pakistani Rupee is PKR, as well as the ISO code, is "586", and the currency symbol is ₨. The Coins of Pakistan are (Indian 2-rupee coin, 1 Rupee, 10 Rupees, 5 Rupees) and Banknotes are (10 Rupees, 1000 Rupees, 20 Rupees, 500 Rupees, 50 Rupees, 100 Rupees). The central bank of Pakistan is called the "State Bank of Pakistan".


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All MAD and PKR Currency Pairs

Convert MAD to PKR

1 MAD 21.01833 PKR
5 MAD 105.09165 PKR
10 MAD 210.1833 PKR
25 MAD 525.45825 PKR
50 MAD 1050.9165 PKR
100 MAD 2101.833 PKR
250 MAD 5254.5825 PKR
500 MAD 10509.165 PKR
1000 MAD 21018.33 PKR
2000 MAD 42036.66 PKR
5000 MAD 105091.65 PKR
10000 MAD 210183.3 PKR

Convert PKR to MAD

1 PKR 0.04758 MAD
5 PKR 0.2379 MAD
10 PKR 0.4758 MAD
25 PKR 1.1895 MAD
50 PKR 2.379 MAD
100 PKR 4.758 MAD
250 PKR 11.895 MAD
500 PKR 23.79 MAD
1000 PKR 47.58 MAD
2000 PKR 95.16 MAD
5000 PKR 237.9 MAD
10000 PKR 475.8 MAD