NOK to RON Currency Converter

1 NOK =
0.48155 RON

NOK Overview

The Norwegian Krone is the currency of Norway. The currency code for Norwegian Krone is NOK, as well as the ISO code, is "578", and the currency symbol is kr. The Coins of Norway are (1 kr, 5 kr, 20 kr, 10 kr) and Banknotes are (500 kr, 100 kr, 50 kr, 1000 kr, 200 kr). The central bank of Norway is called the "Norges Bank".

RON Overview

The Romanian New Leu is the currency of Romania. The currency code for Romanian New Leu is RON, as well as the ISO code, is "", and the currency symbol is lei. The Coins of Romania are (Five bani, Fifty bani, 10 bani) and Banknotes are (One leu, Five lei, Ten lei, Two hundred lei, Fifty lei, One hundred lei). The central bank of Romania is called the "National Bank of Romania".


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All NOK and RON Currency Pairs

Convert NOK to RON

1 NOK 0.48155 RON
5 NOK 2.40775 RON
10 NOK 4.8155 RON
25 NOK 12.03875 RON
50 NOK 24.0775 RON
100 NOK 48.155 RON
250 NOK 120.3875 RON
500 NOK 240.775 RON
1000 NOK 481.55 RON
2000 NOK 963.1 RON
5000 NOK 2407.75 RON
10000 NOK 4815.5 RON

Convert RON to NOK

1 RON 2.07663 NOK
5 RON 10.38315 NOK
10 RON 20.7663 NOK
25 RON 51.91575 NOK
50 RON 103.8315 NOK
100 RON 207.663 NOK
250 RON 519.1575 NOK
500 RON 1038.315 NOK
1000 RON 2076.63 NOK
2000 RON 4153.26 NOK
5000 RON 10383.15 NOK
10000 RON 20766.3 NOK