SZL to JPY RTS Currency Converter

1 SZL =
7.07694 JPY RTS

SZL Overview

The Swazi Lilangeni is the currency of Swaziland. The currency code for Swazi Lilangeni is SZL, as well as the ISO code, is "748", and the currency symbol is E, L. The Coins of Swaziland are (10 cents, 20 cents, 2 cents, E2, E5, 5 cents, 1cent, 50 cents, L1) and Banknotes are (E100, E50, E200, E10, E20). The central bank of Swaziland is called the "Central Bank of Swaziland".

JPY RTS Overview

The Japanese Yen is the currency of Japan. The currency code for Japanese Yen is JPY RTS, as well as the ISO code, is "392", and the currency symbol is ¥, 円, 圓. The Coins of Japan are (JP¥500, JP¥10, JP¥100, JP¥50, JP¥1, JP¥5) and Banknotes are (JP¥10000, JP¥1000, JP¥2000, JP¥5000). The central bank of Japan is called the "Bank of Japan".

All SZL and JPY RTS Currency Pairs

JPY RTS (Japanese Yen)

Convert SZL to JPY RTS

1 SZL 7.07694 JPY RTS
5 SZL 35.3847 JPY RTS
10 SZL 70.7694 JPY RTS
25 SZL 176.9235 JPY RTS
50 SZL 353.847 JPY RTS
100 SZL 707.694 JPY RTS
250 SZL 1769.235 JPY RTS
500 SZL 3538.47 JPY RTS
1000 SZL 7076.94 JPY RTS
2000 SZL 14153.88 JPY RTS
5000 SZL 35384.7 JPY RTS
10000 SZL 70769.4 JPY RTS

Convert JPY RTS to SZL

1 JPY RTS 0.1413 SZL
5 JPY RTS 0.7065 SZL
10 JPY RTS 1.413 SZL
25 JPY RTS 3.5325 SZL
50 JPY RTS 7.065 SZL
100 JPY RTS 14.13 SZL
250 JPY RTS 35.325 SZL
500 JPY RTS 70.65 SZL
1000 JPY RTS 141.3 SZL
2000 JPY RTS 282.6 SZL
5000 JPY RTS 706.5 SZL
10000 JPY RTS 1413 SZL