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1 ALL =
0.11549 GHS

ALL Overview

The Albanian Lek is the currency of Albania. The currency code for Albanian Lek is ALL, as well as the ISO code, is "8", and the currency symbol is L. The Coins of Albania are (5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 50 L, 100 L) and Banknotes are (200 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 2000 L, 5000 L). The central bank of Albania is called the "Bank of Albania".

GHS Overview

The Ghanaian Cedi is the currency of Ghana. The currency code for Ghanaian Cedi is GHS, as well as the ISO code, is "", and the currency symbol is GH₵, GH¢. The Coins of Ghana are (GH₵1, 10 Gp, 50 Gp, 1 Gp, 20 Gp, 5 Gp) and Banknotes are (Gh₵ 10, Gh₵ 20, Gh₵ 5, Gh₵ 1, Gh₵ 2, Gh₵ 50). The central bank of Ghana is called the "Bank of Ghana".


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All ALL and GHS Currency Pairs

Convert ALL to GHS

1 ALL 0.11549 GHS
5 ALL 0.57745 GHS
10 ALL 1.1549 GHS
25 ALL 2.88725 GHS
50 ALL 5.7745 GHS
100 ALL 11.549 GHS
250 ALL 28.8725 GHS
500 ALL 57.745 GHS
1000 ALL 115.49 GHS
2000 ALL 230.98 GHS
5000 ALL 577.45 GHS
10000 ALL 1154.9 GHS

Convert GHS to ALL

1 GHS 8.65863 ALL
5 GHS 43.29315 ALL
10 GHS 86.5863 ALL
25 GHS 216.46575 ALL
50 GHS 432.9315 ALL
100 GHS 865.863 ALL
250 GHS 2164.6575 ALL
500 GHS 4329.315 ALL
1000 GHS 8658.63 ALL
2000 GHS 17317.26 ALL
5000 GHS 43293.15 ALL
10000 GHS 86586.3 ALL