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1.6349 JMD

ALL Overview

The Albanian Lek is the currency of Albania. The currency code for Albanian Lek is ALL, as well as the ISO code, is "8", and the currency symbol is L. The Coins of Albania are (5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 50 L, 100 L) and Banknotes are (200 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 2000 L, 5000 L). The central bank of Albania is called the "Bank of Albania".

JMD Overview

The Jamaican Dollar is the currency of Jamaica. The currency code for Jamaican Dollar is JMD, as well as the ISO code, is "388", and the currency symbol is $. The Coins of Jamaica are ($10, $20, 25c, $1, $5) and Banknotes are ($100, $500, $1000, $50). The central bank of Jamaica is called the "Bank of Jamaica".


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All ALL and JMD Currency Pairs

Convert ALL to JMD

1 ALL 1.6349 JMD
5 ALL 8.1745 JMD
10 ALL 16.349 JMD
25 ALL 40.8725 JMD
50 ALL 81.745 JMD
100 ALL 163.49 JMD
250 ALL 408.725 JMD
500 ALL 817.45 JMD
1000 ALL 1634.9 JMD
2000 ALL 3269.8 JMD
5000 ALL 8174.5 JMD
10000 ALL 16349 JMD

Convert JMD to ALL

1 JMD 0.6117 ALL
5 JMD 3.0585 ALL
10 JMD 6.117 ALL
25 JMD 15.2925 ALL
50 JMD 30.585 ALL
100 JMD 61.17 ALL
250 JMD 152.925 ALL
500 JMD 305.85 ALL
1000 JMD 611.7 ALL
2000 JMD 1223.4 ALL
5000 JMD 3058.5 ALL
10000 JMD 6117 ALL