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1 ALL =
0.04784 RON

ALL Overview

The Albanian Lek is the currency of Albania. The currency code for Albanian Lek is ALL, as well as the ISO code, is "8", and the currency symbol is L. The Coins of Albania are (5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 50 L, 100 L) and Banknotes are (200 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 2000 L, 5000 L). The central bank of Albania is called the "Bank of Albania".

RON Overview

The Romanian New Leu is the currency of Romania. The currency code for Romanian New Leu is RON, as well as the ISO code, is "", and the currency symbol is lei. The Coins of Romania are (Five bani, Fifty bani, 10 bani) and Banknotes are (One leu, Five lei, Ten lei, Two hundred lei, Fifty lei, One hundred lei). The central bank of Romania is called the "National Bank of Romania".


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All ALL and RON Currency Pairs

Convert ALL to RON

1 ALL 0.04784 RON
5 ALL 0.2392 RON
10 ALL 0.4784 RON
25 ALL 1.196 RON
50 ALL 2.392 RON
100 ALL 4.784 RON
250 ALL 11.96 RON
500 ALL 23.92 RON
1000 ALL 47.84 RON
2000 ALL 95.68 RON
5000 ALL 239.2 RON
10000 ALL 478.4 RON

Convert RON to ALL

1 RON 20.90148 ALL
5 RON 104.5074 ALL
10 RON 209.0148 ALL
25 RON 522.537 ALL
50 RON 1045.074 ALL
100 RON 2090.148 ALL
250 RON 5225.37 ALL
500 RON 10450.74 ALL
1000 RON 20901.48 ALL
2000 RON 41802.96 ALL
5000 RON 104507.4 ALL
10000 RON 209014.8 ALL