AMD to SAR Currency Converter

1 AMD =
0.00919 SAR

AMD Overview

The Armenian Dram is the currency of Armenia. The currency code for Armenian Dram is AMD, as well as the ISO code, is "51", and the currency symbol is ֏. The Coins of Armenia are (20 dram, 100 dram, 500 dram, 200 dram, 10 dram, 50 dram) and Banknotes are (5000 dram, 100000 dram, 1000 dram, 50000 dram, 10000 dram, 20000 dram). The central bank of Armenia is called the "Central Bank".

SAR Overview

The Saudi Riyal is the currency of Saudi Arabia. The currency code for Saudi Riyal is SAR, as well as the ISO code, is "682", and the currency symbol is ﷼‎, SR, ر.س. The Coins of Saudi Arabia are (25 halalas, 100 halalas, 10 halalas, 5 halalas, 50 halalas) and Banknotes are (10 riyals, 1 riyal, 5 riyals, 50 riyals, 500 riyals, 100 riyals). The central bank of Saudi Arabia is called the "Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority".


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All AMD and SAR Currency Pairs

Convert AMD to SAR

1 AMD 0.00919 SAR
5 AMD 0.04595 SAR
10 AMD 0.0919 SAR
25 AMD 0.22975 SAR
50 AMD 0.4595 SAR
100 AMD 0.919 SAR
250 AMD 2.2975 SAR
500 AMD 4.595 SAR
1000 AMD 9.19 SAR
2000 AMD 18.38 SAR
5000 AMD 45.95 SAR
10000 AMD 91.9 SAR

Convert SAR to AMD

1 SAR 108.84141 AMD
5 SAR 544.20705 AMD
10 SAR 1088.4141 AMD
25 SAR 2721.03525 AMD
50 SAR 5442.0705 AMD
100 SAR 10884.141 AMD
250 SAR 27210.3525 AMD
500 SAR 54420.705 AMD
1000 SAR 108841.41 AMD
2000 SAR 217682.82 AMD
5000 SAR 544207.05 AMD
10000 SAR 1088414.1 AMD