AMD to CUP Currency Converter

1 AMD =
0.05985 CUP

AMD Overview

The Armenian Dram is the currency of Armenia. The currency code for Armenian Dram is AMD, as well as the ISO code, is "51", and the currency symbol is ֏. The Coins of Armenia are (20 dram, 100 dram, 500 dram, 200 dram, 10 dram, 50 dram) and Banknotes are (5000 dram, 100000 dram, 1000 dram, 50000 dram, 10000 dram, 20000 dram). The central bank of Armenia is called the "Central Bank".

CUP Overview

The Cuban Peso is the currency of Cuba. The currency code for Cuban Peso is CUP, as well as the ISO code, is "192", and the currency symbol is $, $MN, ₱. The Coins of Cuba are ($1, 20¢, $3) and Banknotes are ($100, $20, $3, $10, $500, $50, $5, $200, $1). The central bank of Cuba is called the "Central Bank of Cuba".


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All AMD and CUP Currency Pairs

Convert AMD to CUP

1 AMD 0.05985 CUP
5 AMD 0.29925 CUP
10 AMD 0.5985 CUP
25 AMD 1.49625 CUP
50 AMD 2.9925 CUP
100 AMD 5.985 CUP
250 AMD 14.9625 CUP
500 AMD 29.925 CUP
1000 AMD 59.85 CUP
2000 AMD 119.7 CUP
5000 AMD 299.25 CUP
10000 AMD 598.5 CUP

Convert CUP to AMD

1 CUP 16.70853 AMD
5 CUP 83.54265 AMD
10 CUP 167.0853 AMD
25 CUP 417.71325 AMD
50 CUP 835.4265 AMD
100 CUP 1670.853 AMD
250 CUP 4177.1325 AMD
500 CUP 8354.265 AMD
1000 CUP 16708.53 AMD
2000 CUP 33417.06 AMD
5000 CUP 83542.65 AMD
10000 CUP 167085.3 AMD