CAD to BSD Currency Converter

1 CAD =
0.77942 BSD

CAD Overview

The Canadian Dollar is the currency of Canada. The currency code for Canadian Dollar is CAD, as well as the ISO code, is "124", and the currency symbol is C$, Can$, $, CAD. The Coins of Canada are (CAD 25¢, CAD 10¢, CAD 5¢, CAD $1, CAD $2) and Banknotes are (CAD $10, CAD $5, CAD $20, CAD $50). The central bank of Canada is called the "Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada".

BSD Overview

The Bahamian Dollar is the currency of Bahamas. The currency code for Bahamian Dollar is BSD, as well as the ISO code, is "44", and the currency symbol is B$. The Coins of Bahamas are (10 cents, 1 cent, 5 cents, 25 cents) and Banknotes are ($20, $10, $50, $5, $1). The central bank of Bahamas is called the "Central Bank of The Bahamas".


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All CAD and BSD Currency Pairs

Convert CAD to BSD

1 CAD 0.77942 BSD
5 CAD 3.8971 BSD
10 CAD 7.7942 BSD
25 CAD 19.4855 BSD
50 CAD 38.971 BSD
100 CAD 77.942 BSD
250 CAD 194.855 BSD
500 CAD 389.71 BSD
1000 CAD 779.42 BSD
2000 CAD 1558.84 BSD
5000 CAD 3897.1 BSD
10000 CAD 7794.2 BSD

Convert BSD to CAD

1 BSD 1.283 CAD
5 BSD 6.415 CAD
10 BSD 12.83 CAD
25 BSD 32.075 CAD
50 BSD 64.15 CAD
100 BSD 128.3 CAD
250 BSD 320.75 CAD
500 BSD 641.5 CAD
1000 BSD 1283 CAD
2000 BSD 2566 CAD
5000 BSD 6415 CAD
10000 BSD 12830 CAD