CAD to HUF Currency Converter

1 CAD =
271.308 HUF

CAD Overview

The Canadian Dollar is the currency of Canada. The currency code for Canadian Dollar is CAD, as well as the ISO code, is "124", and the currency symbol is C$, Can$, $, CAD. The Coins of Canada are (CAD 25¢, CAD 10¢, CAD 5¢, CAD $1, CAD $2) and Banknotes are (CAD $10, CAD $5, CAD $20, CAD $50). The central bank of Canada is called the "Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada".

HUF Overview

The Hungarian Forint is the currency of Hungary. The currency code for Hungarian Forint is HUF, as well as the ISO code, is "348", and the currency symbol is Ft. The Coins of Hungary are (100 Ft, 50 Ft, 20 Ft, 200 Ft, 10 Ft, 5 Ft) and Banknotes are (1000 Ft, 500 Ft, 10000 Ft, 2000 Ft, 5000 Ft, 20000 Ft). The central bank of Hungary is called the "Nemzeti Bank".


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All CAD and HUF Currency Pairs

Convert CAD to HUF

1 CAD 271.308 HUF
5 CAD 1356.54 HUF
10 CAD 2713.08 HUF
25 CAD 6782.7 HUF
50 CAD 13565.4 HUF
100 CAD 27130.8 HUF
250 CAD 67827 HUF
500 CAD 135654 HUF
1000 CAD 271308 HUF
2000 CAD 542616 HUF
5000 CAD 1356540 HUF
10000 CAD 2713080 HUF

Convert HUF to CAD

1 HUF 0.0037 CAD
5 HUF 0.0185 CAD
10 HUF 0.037 CAD
25 HUF 0.0925 CAD
50 HUF 0.185 CAD
100 HUF 0.37 CAD
250 HUF 0.925 CAD
500 HUF 1.85 CAD
1000 HUF 3.7 CAD
2000 HUF 7.4 CAD
5000 HUF 18.5 CAD
10000 HUF 37 CAD