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1 CAD =
1.97604 GEL

CAD Overview

The Canadian Dollar is the currency of Canada. The currency code for Canadian Dollar is CAD, as well as the ISO code, is "124", and the currency symbol is C$, Can$, $, CAD. The Coins of Canada are (CAD 25¢, CAD 10¢, CAD 5¢, CAD $1, CAD $2) and Banknotes are (CAD $10, CAD $5, CAD $20, CAD $50). The central bank of Canada is called the "Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada".

GEL Overview

The Georgian lari is the currency of Georgia. The currency code for Georgian lari is GEL, as well as the ISO code, is "981", and the currency symbol is ლ, GEL. The Coins of Georgia are (2 tetri, 10 tetri, 20 tetri, 50 tetri, 1 lari, 5 tetri, 2 lari, 1 tetri) and Banknotes are (100 lari, 50 lari, 5 lari, 10 lari, 20 lari). The central bank of Georgia is called the "National Bank of Georgia".


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All CAD and GEL Currency Pairs

Convert CAD to GEL

1 CAD 1.97604 GEL
5 CAD 9.8802 GEL
10 CAD 19.7604 GEL
25 CAD 49.401 GEL
50 CAD 98.802 GEL
100 CAD 197.604 GEL
250 CAD 494.01 GEL
500 CAD 988.02 GEL
1000 CAD 1976.04 GEL
2000 CAD 3952.08 GEL
5000 CAD 9880.2 GEL
10000 CAD 19760.4 GEL

Convert GEL to CAD

1 GEL 0.50606 CAD
5 GEL 2.5303 CAD
10 GEL 5.0606 CAD
25 GEL 12.6515 CAD
50 GEL 25.303 CAD
100 GEL 50.606 CAD
250 GEL 126.515 CAD
500 GEL 253.03 CAD
1000 GEL 506.06 CAD
2000 GEL 1012.12 CAD
5000 GEL 2530.3 CAD
10000 GEL 5060.6 CAD