CUP to NPR Currency Converter

1 CUP =
5.51567 NPR

CUP Overview

The Cuban Peso is the currency of Cuba. The currency code for Cuban Peso is CUP, as well as the ISO code, is "192", and the currency symbol is $, $MN, ₱. The Coins of Cuba are ($1, 20¢, $3) and Banknotes are ($100, $20, $3, $10, $500, $50, $5, $200, $1). The central bank of Cuba is called the "Central Bank of Cuba".

NPR Overview

The Nepalese Rupee is the currency of Nepal. The currency code for Nepalese Rupee is NPR, as well as the ISO code, is "524", and the currency symbol is Re., रू, Rs.. The Coins of Nepal are (रू2, रू1) and Banknotes are (रू500, रू5, रू50, रू20, रू1000, रू100, रू10). The central bank of Nepal is called the "Nepal Rastra Bank".


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All CUP and NPR Currency Pairs

Convert CUP to NPR

1 CUP 5.51567 NPR
5 CUP 27.57835 NPR
10 CUP 55.1567 NPR
25 CUP 137.89175 NPR
50 CUP 275.7835 NPR
100 CUP 551.567 NPR
250 CUP 1378.9175 NPR
500 CUP 2757.835 NPR
1000 CUP 5515.67 NPR
2000 CUP 11031.34 NPR
5000 CUP 27578.35 NPR
10000 CUP 55156.7 NPR

Convert NPR to CUP

1 NPR 0.1813 CUP
5 NPR 0.9065 CUP
10 NPR 1.813 CUP
25 NPR 4.5325 CUP
50 NPR 9.065 CUP
100 NPR 18.13 CUP
250 NPR 45.325 CUP
500 NPR 90.65 CUP
1000 NPR 181.3 CUP
2000 NPR 362.6 CUP
5000 NPR 906.5 CUP
10000 NPR 1813 CUP