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1 CUP =
2.26919 PHP

CUP Overview

The Cuban Peso is the currency of Cuba. The currency code for Cuban Peso is CUP, as well as the ISO code, is "192", and the currency symbol is $, $MN, ₱. The Coins of Cuba are ($1, 20¢, $3) and Banknotes are ($100, $20, $3, $10, $500, $50, $5, $200, $1). The central bank of Cuba is called the "Central Bank of Cuba".

PHP Overview

The Philippine Peso is the currency of Philippines. The currency code for Philippine Peso is PHP, as well as the ISO code, is "608", and the currency symbol is ₱. The Coins of Philippines are (₱10, ₱5, ₱1) and Banknotes are (₱20, ₱1000, ₱50, ₱500, ₱100). The central bank of Philippines is called the "Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas".


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All CUP and PHP Currency Pairs

Convert CUP to PHP

1 CUP 2.26919 PHP
5 CUP 11.34595 PHP
10 CUP 22.6919 PHP
25 CUP 56.72975 PHP
50 CUP 113.4595 PHP
100 CUP 226.919 PHP
250 CUP 567.2975 PHP
500 CUP 1134.595 PHP
1000 CUP 2269.19 PHP
2000 CUP 4538.38 PHP
5000 CUP 11345.95 PHP
10000 CUP 22691.9 PHP

Convert PHP to CUP

1 PHP 0.44069 CUP
5 PHP 2.20345 CUP
10 PHP 4.4069 CUP
25 PHP 11.01725 CUP
50 PHP 22.0345 CUP
100 PHP 44.069 CUP
250 PHP 110.1725 CUP
500 PHP 220.345 CUP
1000 PHP 440.69 CUP
2000 PHP 881.38 CUP
5000 PHP 2203.45 CUP
10000 PHP 4406.9 CUP