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1 CUP =
0.0338 GBP

CUP Overview

The Cuban Peso is the currency of Cuba. The currency code for Cuban Peso is CUP, as well as the ISO code, is "192", and the currency symbol is $, $MN, ₱. The Coins of Cuba are ($1, 20¢, $3) and Banknotes are ($100, $20, $3, $10, $500, $50, $5, $200, $1). The central bank of Cuba is called the "Central Bank of Cuba".

GBP Overview

The British Pound is the currency of United Kingdom. The currency code for British Pound is GBP, as well as the ISO code, is "826", and the currency symbol is £. The Coins of United Kingdom are (Ten pence, Twenty pence, Two pence, Penny, £1, 50p, £2, 5p) and Banknotes are (£5, £10, £20, £50). The central bank of United Kingdom is called the "Bank of England".


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All CUP and GBP Currency Pairs

Convert CUP to GBP

1 CUP 0.0338 GBP
5 CUP 0.169 GBP
10 CUP 0.338 GBP
25 CUP 0.845 GBP
50 CUP 1.69 GBP
100 CUP 3.38 GBP
250 CUP 8.45 GBP
500 CUP 16.9 GBP
1000 CUP 33.8 GBP
2000 CUP 67.6 GBP
5000 CUP 169 GBP
10000 CUP 338 GBP

Convert GBP to CUP

1 GBP 29.58984 CUP
5 GBP 147.9492 CUP
10 GBP 295.8984 CUP
25 GBP 739.746 CUP
50 GBP 1479.492 CUP
100 GBP 2958.984 CUP
250 GBP 7397.46 CUP
500 GBP 14794.92 CUP
1000 GBP 29589.84 CUP
2000 GBP 59179.68 CUP
5000 GBP 147949.2 CUP
10000 GBP 295898.4 CUP