ISK to TRY Currency Converter

1 ISK =
0.1304 TRY

ISK Overview

The Iceland Krona is the currency of Iceland. The currency code for Iceland Krona is ISK, as well as the ISO code, is "352", and the currency symbol is kr, Íkr. The Coins of Iceland are (1, 5, 10, 50, 100 krona) and Banknotes are (500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 krona). The central bank of Iceland is called the "Central Bank of Iceland".

TRY Overview

The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey. The currency code for Turkish lira is TRY, as well as the ISO code, is "949", and the currency symbol is ₺. The Coins of Turkey are (5kr, ₺1, 25kr, 50kr, 10kr) and Banknotes are (₺20, ₺5, ₺100, ₺50, ₺10, ₺200). The central bank of Turkey is called the "Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey".


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All ISK and TRY Currency Pairs

Convert ISK to TRY

1 ISK 0.1304 TRY
5 ISK 0.652 TRY
10 ISK 1.304 TRY
25 ISK 3.26 TRY
50 ISK 6.52 TRY
100 ISK 13.04 TRY
250 ISK 32.6 TRY
500 ISK 65.2 TRY
1000 ISK 130.4 TRY
2000 ISK 260.8 TRY
5000 ISK 652 TRY
10000 ISK 1304 TRY

Convert TRY to ISK

1 TRY 7.67 ISK
5 TRY 38.35 ISK
10 TRY 76.7 ISK
25 TRY 191.75 ISK
50 TRY 383.5 ISK
100 TRY 767 ISK
250 TRY 1917.5 ISK
500 TRY 3835 ISK
1000 TRY 7670 ISK
2000 TRY 15340 ISK
5000 TRY 38350 ISK
10000 TRY 76700 ISK