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1 TRY =
0.31303 MAD

TRY Overview

The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey. The currency code for Turkish lira is TRY, as well as the ISO code, is "949", and the currency symbol is ₺. The Coins of Turkey are (5kr, ₺1, 25kr, 50kr, 10kr) and Banknotes are (₺20, ₺5, ₺100, ₺50, ₺10, ₺200). The central bank of Turkey is called the "Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey".

MAD Overview

The Moroccan Dirham is the currency of Morocco. The currency code for Moroccan Dirham is MAD, as well as the ISO code, is "504", and the currency symbol is MAD. The Coins of Morocco are (2 dirhams, 1 santimat, 5 dirhams, 1 dirham, ½ dirhams, 20 santimat, 5 santimat, 10 dirhams, 10 santimat) and Banknotes are (100 dirhams, 200 dirhams, 50 dirhams, 20 dirhams). The central bank of Morocco is called the "Bank Al Maghrib".


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All TRY and MAD Currency Pairs

Convert TRY to MAD

1 TRY 0.31303 MAD
5 TRY 1.56515 MAD
10 TRY 3.1303 MAD
25 TRY 7.82575 MAD
50 TRY 15.6515 MAD
100 TRY 31.303 MAD
250 TRY 78.2575 MAD
500 TRY 156.515 MAD
1000 TRY 313.03 MAD
2000 TRY 626.06 MAD
5000 TRY 1565.15 MAD
10000 TRY 3130.3 MAD

Convert MAD to TRY

1 MAD 3.19458 TRY
5 MAD 15.9729 TRY
10 MAD 31.9458 TRY
25 MAD 79.8645 TRY
50 MAD 159.729 TRY
100 MAD 319.458 TRY
250 MAD 798.645 TRY
500 MAD 1597.29 TRY
1000 MAD 3194.58 TRY
2000 MAD 6389.16 TRY
5000 MAD 15972.9 TRY
10000 MAD 31945.8 TRY