TRY to PEN Currency Converter

1 TRY =
0.11593 PEN

TRY Overview

The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey. The currency code for Turkish lira is TRY, as well as the ISO code, is "949", and the currency symbol is ₺. The Coins of Turkey are (5kr, ₺1, 25kr, 50kr, 10kr) and Banknotes are (₺20, ₺5, ₺100, ₺50, ₺10, ₺200). The central bank of Turkey is called the "Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey".

PEN Overview

The Peru Sol is the currency of Peru. The currency code for Peru Sol is PEN, as well as the ISO code, is "604", and the currency symbol is S/. The Coins of Peru are (1 sole, 20 céntimos, 50 céntimos, 5 soles, 10 céntimos, 5 céntimos, 2 soles) and Banknotes are (10 soles, 20 soles, 100 soles, 50 soles). The central bank of Peru is called the "Central Reserve Bank of Peru".


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All TRY and PEN Currency Pairs

Convert TRY to PEN

1 TRY 0.11593 PEN
5 TRY 0.57965 PEN
10 TRY 1.1593 PEN
25 TRY 2.89825 PEN
50 TRY 5.7965 PEN
100 TRY 11.593 PEN
250 TRY 28.9825 PEN
500 TRY 57.965 PEN
1000 TRY 115.93 PEN
2000 TRY 231.86 PEN
5000 TRY 579.65 PEN
10000 TRY 1159.3 PEN

Convert PEN to TRY

1 PEN 8.62612 TRY
5 PEN 43.1306 TRY
10 PEN 86.2612 TRY
25 PEN 215.653 TRY
50 PEN 431.306 TRY
100 PEN 862.612 TRY
250 PEN 2156.53 TRY
500 PEN 4313.06 TRY
1000 PEN 8626.12 TRY
2000 PEN 17252.24 TRY
5000 PEN 43130.6 TRY
10000 PEN 86261.2 TRY